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"We were no longer like Agori or anyone else. We became nature itself, as benevolent, giving, ruthless and indifferent as that can mean."
Element Lord of Jungle, Riddle of the Great Beings

Element Lords
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Sapient Species
Powers Elemental Powers
Status Active
Locations Spherus Magna

The Element Lords are ruthless and power-hungry elemental entities transformed by the Great Beings to rule Spherus Magna.


The Great Beings, in need of assistance in leading the inhabitants of Spherus Magna, selected one leader-class Skrall and six warriors to represent the most populous tribes: Fire, Water, Jungle, Sand, Rock, Earth, and Ice. The warriors were endowed with the elements, creating the Element Lords. Changed by the transformation, they became unified with their elements and were bestowed with armor and weapons. They eventually became the leaders of the planet, commanding the tribes from which they hailed. The Element Lords coexisted together without incident for several thousand years.[1][2]

Element Lords, except the Lord of Earth, in conference

After the discovery of Energized Protodermis, the Element Lords expected to share in the enormous power the substance possessed. The Lord of Ice, ruler of the domain in which it was discovered, refused to allow them access, and barricaded the area. Outraged, the Lords each began vying for control over it, leading to the Core War. The Great Beings later insisted that they sit down and negotiate a truce, but the Element Lords rebuffed their creators, and continued their war campaigns. During the war, the Lord of Jungle used his powers to create the Forest of Blades. The Lord of Fire's servitors seized the Energized Protodermis Spring and attempted to tap its power, causing the planet to shatter, and six of the Element Lords were trapped while the Lord of Earth remained with her tribe.

The Element Lords were eventually freed, and made their way towards the north, seeking the power in the Valley of the Maze. About 100,000 years after the war, the Element Lord of Fire and Element Lord of Ice encountered each other in the White Quartz Mountains and began fighting. The Element Lord of Jungle later encountered Tarduk and Crotesius in the Forest of Blades, during their pursuit of the secret of the Red Star, though he was injured by Kirbold lighting the forest on fire.

The Lord of Water dragged the three Agori into the river Dormus as they were attempting to cross it. He kept them suspended in air bubbles, allowing them to breathe and talk. He demanded that the Agori inform him of the route, and the Agori claimed to know the way. The Element Lord of Water threatened them with unceasing torture, but was taken aback by their refusal to cooperate. After agreeing to let them lead the way, the Lord of Water was attacked by the Lord of Ice, who began freezing the river. The Lord of Water fled, in order to escape death.

The Agori were helped out of the water by the Lord of Rock, who then dropped a massive boulder onto the ice, shattering it. The Lord of Rock crafted a stone replica of Tarduk, which he used to speak to them. He initially tried to dissuade the Agori from continuing their quest, but eventually allowed them to continue onward, under the condition that they take nothing with them from the Valley of the Maze, for he wanted its power for himself.

Alternate Universes

The Melding Alternate Universe

In this universe, the Great Beings created the Toa to stop the Shattering before it could occur, and ended the Core War. The Element Lords were removed from power, and the Makuta were created to oversee the tribes in their stead.[3]

Abilities and Traits

The Element Lords, as manifestations of different elements, have the abilities to create, control, and absorb their own element, a result of the transformation process. The level of control over the elements possessed by them is extremely high, and they are impervious to the effects of their own elements. They eventually adopted the personality traits of their element, and act accordingly.

The Lords can project their own consciousness onto an element, manifesting the element into certain shapes or forms without them being present.[4] If their essence is affected, it affects their original form as well.[4]

The Lords were given weapons and armors that reflect their nature.[5]

Known Element Lords

The seven Element Lords possess the following elemental affiliations and former dominions:


"Why? Because at the end of the way, there is power to be had. Power enough to end the war the only way it can end. With a victory for one of us."
— The Element Lord of Water, Riddle of the Great Beings


  • The Great Beings based the elemental powers of the Toa on those of the Element Lords.[7]
  • The Element Lords have individual names but are not referred to as such.[8]
  • The Great Beings never created an Element Lord of Iron because the Iron Tribe disbanded before the experiment took place.[9]
  • Initially, Greg Farshtey denied the idea that the Cavern of the Elements was the place where the Element Lords were created.[10] Later, Farshtey changed his answer.[11]
  • The Element Lords, except the Lord of Earth, were intended to feature as antagonists in the un-produced fifth Bionicle movie. In the movie, Tuma would have attempted to form an alliance with the Element Lords by bringing them all to the Valley of the Maze through a Skrall envoy collecting pieces of each of their substances. However, the cancellation of this movie left this storyline non-canon, and the fate of the Element Lords was left unknown.
  • Had the story continued, Velika may have tried to recruit the Element Lords as lieutenants to rule their tribes in his name.[12]
  • The Element Lords cannot control the Protodermis forms of their elements (for example, the Element Lord of Water cannot control liquid Protodermis), although it's possible that they could learn to do so.[13]


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