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"Well, that's what bs01 wiki said, anyway."
— Gali14 to sibling

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User Status Loving every second of it!
BZPower Username I don't use it.
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Location Earth
Gender Female
Favorite Set Gali Nuva

Gali14 is a huge Bionicle fan. She has the rough outline of the bionicle story memorized, most every word and action in BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui, as well as the matoran alphabet, and has a million ideas for storyline details. In her spare time, she likes to think out the bionicle story as if she were writing a book about it, or even invent a new Bionicle-related story. She recently set aside a story about six war-bots (based off of the Toa Mata) who go on an adventure roughly comparable to the Toa Metru, and is now working on a "Fos Trakom" series, in which some of the powers are based off of Bionicle, such as the Elements of Fire, Water, Air, Stone, and Plants, and Kotor's suit's shielding abilities.


Gali14 loves Bionicle, and sent a complaint to about them having dropped it. In responce she got an e-mail that pointed her towards BZPower. She explored it and found a link to bs01 wiki. Her brother now wishes that she didn't find it because Gali14 knows just about everything to do with Bionicle.

Bionicle Favorites

This is a Bionicle-related list of Gali14's favorites.


Character Names

Takutanuva as seen in Bionicle Mask of Light



Kanohi Names

The Kanohi Kaukau, Gali14's favorite Kanohi to draw

Other Favorites

  • Gali14's favorite color is green.
  • Gali14's favorite lego topic is Bionicle.


Here are all of the Bionicle sets that Gali14 has and a bit about them. They are in the order that she recieved them.

  • Kurahk- Its Krana vanished when Gali14 was showing a cousin that it could flip out of its shell.
  • Toa Metru Nokama- Because of missing and broken pieces, she cannot be made at the same time as Toa Hordika Nokama.
  • Boggarak- This visorak cannot be completed at the same time as Toa Hordika Nokama because the pieces that are used to launch the rhotuka spinners were accidentally brought to school and lost. Gali14 does not put lego pieces in her pockets anymore because of that.
  • Toa Hordika Nokama- She was bought when Gali14's dad took her and two of her brothers shopping specifically for bionicles. That was the first and last time.
  • Vezok- The piece that his legs attatch to is broken, but Gali14 has found a way around that: use a dark blue one from one of her other bionicle sets.
Kiina, Gali14's favorite Glatorian
  • Takadox- He cannot be created because the piece that made up his body was accidentally brought to school and lost. Gali14 does not put lego pieces in her pockets anymore because of that.
  • Tanma- His head, mask, one arm, and one leg are broken.
  • Kiina- She is Gali14's favorite character from Bara Magna, both personality and set.
  • Atakus- He was given to Gali14 as a Christmas gift from a brother. He chose that particular set because it was the only Agori he could find in stores.
  • Tahu, Bionicle Star- Gali14 has three pieces of Golden Armor, even though she only has two Bionicle Stars. She traded one of her brothers for his piece from the Skrall.
  • Takanuva, Bionicle Star- Using his mask and pieces from her brother's Pohatu Nuva, Gali14 is almost done making a to-scale model of Takanuva. The paper model is six times bigger than the original set.
  • Cendox V1- This vehicle has been continuously rebuilt to form different name-less vehicles, including one that doubled as a portable stretcher.
  • Nuhvok- This Bohrok was given to Gali14 as a "Secret Sister" gift at girl's camp. It sat in her secret sister's closet until the sister found it, remembered that Gali14 liked bionicles, and decided to give it to her.
  • Gresh, Bionicle Star- This set, along with Piraka and Ackar, were bought online using Christmas money.
  • Piraka, Bionicle Star- Gali14 has made up a skit with all of her Bionicle Stars, in which Tahu, Gresh, and Takanuva get a rest, and Nektann gets arrest(ed).
  • Ackar- Gali14 finds this set to be her favorite one to pose.


Here are some of Gali14's ideas for the official Bionicle storyline, but they are not truely canon. The Japanese words were found on Google Translate.

  • The Mask of Possibilities is the Kanohi Alikin. ("Nikila" backwards, as she wears this mask)
  • Toa of Lightning are Pa-Toa. (Proton and Av)
  • Toa of the Green are He-Toa. (Herbology)
  • Toa of Plasma are So-Toa. (Solar, or refering to the sun)
  • Toa of Magnetism are Ak-Toa. (aukume, the Maori word for magnet)
  • The Mask of Clairvoyance is the Kanohi Kaani. (Gaaki's vowels, Kiina's consonants)
  • The Mask of Growth is the Kanohi Kakuda. ("Kakudai", Japanese for "enlarge")
  • The Mask of Rahi Control is the Kanohi Butsu. ("Dobutsu", Japanese for "animal")
  • The Mask of Light and Shadow is the Kanohi Avkra. (The Matoran previxes for light and shadow)
  • The Mask of Charisma is the Kanohi Raku. (Japanese for "agreement", Keiyaku, and the Kanohi Rode, the Mask of Truth)
  • The Toa of Water on Lesovikk's Toa Team is named "Nori".
  • The Toa of Stone on Lesovikk's Team wears a Kanohi Pakari.
  • The favorite battle tactic of the Po-Toa on Lesovikk's team is to encase his hands in stone and use them as clubs.



  • "I'm addicted, obsessed, and possesed by Bionicle." -Gali14
  • "You're right. I am a bionicolic." -Gali14 to the word's inventor
  • "Don't mention Hero Factory to me. It goes in the trash ten million times over. The only thing I like about it is the radio." -Gali14 to friends and a sibling
  • "Kopaka! Tahu! Could you two come help me shovel this snow? Or Onua. Or Pohatu. Gali or Lewa wouldn't really be able to help much, unless they used their Kanohi Pakari or Kakama." -Gali14


  • "Wisdom is the know-what, skill the know-how, and virtue the do." -Gali14, her own version of another's quote


  • The reason Gali14 chose the number 14 has nothing to do with her age. That number was chosen because that is how many letters are in "Toa Metru Nokama", one of the first Lego sets she ever got.
  • Gali14's favorite bionicle (Gali Nuva) was no longer in stores when she learned about Bionicle.
  • With the aid of two of her brothers, Gali14 once assembled all six Toa Nuva, Takanuva, the Ussanui, various Vahki, and a few other sets as a favor for a friend in two to three hours. Her older brother single-handedly rebuilt Keetongu completely from memory of a picture.
  • Ever since Gali14 discovered bs01 wiki, she has hardly gone to or
  • Gali14 recently found some videos she considers "extremely awesome". They are called The Bionicle Re-Birth Chronicles, and were made by Tohkann toa of arts.
  • Gali14 made herself a necklace from string, a gray hand piece, and Tanma's broken mask. She enjoys connecting various Bionicle weapons and masks to it using the hand piece, her Kanohi Avohkii in particular.
  • Gali14 once looked up the Maori translations of as many Bionicle words she could think of and finds it interresting that "Po Toa" in Maori roughly means "darkness hero" ("Po" is darkness, underworld, sunset, and night, and "Toa" is hero, among other things.)