White Quartz Mountains

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"It was cold here, even worse than the desert by night. More than once, the Sand Stalkers almost lost their footing on the smooth face of the crystal and rock. Although it made all three Agori nervous, they had to travel by day: it would be too easy to stray off the path in the dark and possibly tumble right off a cliff."
— Narrator, Riddle of the Great Beings

White Quartz Mountains
Status Intact
Position Spherus Magna

The White Quartz Mountains are a mountainous region to the northwest of Bara Magna.


150,000 years ago, the Prototype Robot exploded over Bara Magna, and some fragments landed in the White Quartz Mountains.

Over 100,000 years ago, these mountains and the Black Spike Mountains were among the lands ruled by the Element Lord of Rock.

Battles of the Core War eventually made their way as far south as this mountain range. During one battle, the warrior Surel, who had deserted his post as a soldier for the Element Lord of Ice, was lost and presumed dead by his companion Gelu, who later spread news of his supposed demise. In reality, Surel survived, along with his fighting batallion of Iron Wolves, who continued to serve and sustain him through the hardships of the mountains.

After the Shattering, the White Quartz Mountains region was separated along with other geological locations from Spherus Magna onto Bara Magna. Soon afterwards, the Ice Tribe established itself in the village of Iconox, located in the midst of the mountains. Iconox utilized some parts of the Prototype Robot in its construction, though not as crucial components of the village.

Within the past year, Agori villagers Tarduk, Crotesius, and Kirbold made their way through the mountains during their quest to explore the northern region of Bara Magna, investigating an ancient tablet. During this journey, they were pursued by the Iron Wolves of Surel, until they met up with the ancient warrior himself. Their conversation was interrupted, however, when they became caught in the crossfire of a battle between the Element Lords of Ice and Fire. After retreating, Surel cautioned them not to go further, but the Agori continued on their voyage through the mountains until they came to the Forest of Blades.

After the Battle of Roxtus, the robot pieces of Iconox were dragged over to Tesara, leaving the village mostly intact, to combine with the other robot pieces in order to form the Mega-Village, unknowingly connecting the Prototype Robot once more.

When Mata Nui merged Bota Magna and Aqua Magna with Bara Magna, restoring Spherus Magna, and the mountains thus became a part of the planet once more.


The White Quartz Mountains region is a large, geographical zone comprised of tall, snow-covered peaks. The region is rich in Exsidian, a rare metal on Bara Magna.

Elbow Peak

The Elbow Peak is a canyon flanked by two mountain ridges on both sides.

Gatherer's Ridge

The Gatherer's Ridge is a line of mountains located to the far southeastern part of the White Quartz Mountains region. To the west of the ridge lie the Hot Springs and the village of Tesara.


Iron Wolves

The Iron Wolves are a species created by the Great Beings and are made of half metal and half organic tissue. This pack of wolves is under the control of the long-thought-dead warrior Surel.


Surel was permanently crippled and soon forgotten after a battle that took place in the White Quartz Mountains. Gaining that grave injury during the war, Surel spends his days in the mountains, having his trained Iron Wolves take care of him.


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