Shark Tooth Blades

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Shark Tooth Blades
Manufacturer Nocturn
Users Pridak
Function Melee combat
Status In use

The Shark Tooth Blades are weapons wielded by Pridak which are nearly as strong as Protosteel. They were created by Nocturn, who used his immense strength to fuse 10,000 Takea teeth together.[1][2] They were taken from Pridak after being recaptured by Hydraxon, but were returned to him when Hydraxon was ordered to release Pridak so he could help the Order of Mata Nui win its war against the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Set Information

A Shark Tooth Blade

The Shark Tooth Blades were released in 8921 Pridak, which contained three such pieces: two representing the actual blades, and one used as Pridak's dorsal and caudal fins. The red tips were made of a soft, rubbery plastic that blended together with the harder white plastic that made up the rest of the weapon.


  • There was some controversy over these weapons when they were released, as the red areas at the tips appeared to resemble blood. It has since been confirmed that the red areas are just part of Pridak's natural coloring.[3]


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