Matoran Holy Sanctuary

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Matoran Holy Sanctuary
Status Destroyed
Position Mahri Nui
Pronunciation mat-OAR-an

The Matoran Holy Sanctuary was a special area on the Mahri Nui landmass.


The Sanctuary viewed from above
The Kanohi Ignika on the Sanctuary Statue

The Sanctuary housed all of the items that drifted down to the village over the centuries. The Matoran believed these "gifts from above" to be from the Great Spirit Mata Nui. In reality, they were tributes from the Matoran of Voya Nui to their lost friends.

A tall statue carved in the likeness of a Toa held an Energy Stone,[1][2] which illuminated the Sanctuary. A small field of airweed was located adjacent to the rocky outcropping on which the Sanctuary was built.

The Matoran Holy Sanctuary was destroyed when Voya Nui crushed Mahri Nui during its return to the Southern Continent.

Ignika Vision

In a vision that the Kanohi Ignika granted to Dekar, the Mask of Life was placed on the face of the Sanctuary statue. However, Kalmah broke the statue in his effort to claim the mask, breaking off its head with his tentacle and sending its Energy Stone tumbling to the ocean floor.[2]


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