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Toa Hordika Movie
Creator Ghost Studios
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Toa Hordika
Release Date 2005

Toa Hordika Movie[Videos] was a CGI-animated animation released in 2005 to promote the Toa Hordika canister sets. It was available to be viewed at the Story Archive section of as well included in the 2008 update of


The animation opens with an image of Metru Nui overrun by Visorak webs with the BIONICLE and Metru Nui text logos. Vakama's cocoon is shown suspended above the Coliseum. The Toa of Fire's eyes and Kanohi are shown mutating into their feral Hordika forms. One of Nuju's Hordika Teeth, a Rhotuka Launcher, and one of Nokama's Fin Barbs break out of their cocoons. Finally, Vakama's Huna emerges and the newly-mutated Toa Hordika plummet towards the camera, while Vakama launches a Fire Spinner at the camera. Nuju slides down a web strand and just avoids a Rhotuka that has been launched from behind him. Onewa skilfully dodges several Rhotuka and even knocks one out of the way with one of his Claw Clubs. Nokama leads the Toa Hordika up the steps of a Coliseum entrance obstructed by webs. She launches a Water Spinner, which breaks through the webs and allows them to enter. Once inside, the Hordika notice the Visorak horde at work. The Hordika prepare themselves for combat while three specimens launch their Rhotuka at the camera. The animation ends with an image of the canister sets of the Toa Hordika.