The Notch

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"Nokama had never seen anything quite so complex or scrambled together. She wondered how any Matoran made it through what Matau called "the Notch.""
— Narrator, Trial by Fire

The Notch
Status Destroyed
Position Le-Metru

The Notch was an old and unkempt system of Chutes in Le-Metru.


Matau in a Force Sphere in The Notch

The Notch was an ancient section of the chute system, but it was rarely visited, due to it being a tangled mess of chutes. The Le-Matoran used the Notch as a lesson in patience, and the value of taking the time to do something.

Matau, Orkahm, Vhisola, and Nokama went to the Notch during the Toa Metru's search for the Great Disks, which Vakama believed could be used to defeat the Morbuzakh. After searching for some time, they managed to see the Disk in the Notch. However, the Disk had been caught in a Force Sphere, which would soon implode and destroy the disk. After jumping into the sphere and finding the disk, Matau used his Air powers to create a tornado, which flung him out of the sphere before it imploded, destroying the Notch.


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