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"He's deephiding in sector 3. He's either a fool or very, very scared. Probably both."
Toa Metru Matau's thoughts, Mystery of Metru Nui

Sector Three
Status Dismantled
Position Le-Metru

Moto-Hub Sector Three was an area in Le-Metru adjacent to one of the main Protodermis Canals in Ta-Metru.[1]


Sector Three was among the first areas to be attacked by the Morbuzakh; the plant caused multiple Chute breakdowns. Squads of Le-Matoran were sent to repair them but vanished even when guarded by Vahki. The Vahki would always return without the Matoran they guarded, but the Matoran could not understand the Vahki and thus could not determine the cause of the disappearances. Ahkmou, endeavoring to obtain the six Great Disks, lured Orkahm to Sector Three by threatening to kill the Le-Matoran's Ussal Pewku if he did not comply. Orkahm was trapped there, but was later saved by Toa Metru Matau.

Any damage done to Sector Three by the Great Cataclysm was repaired by the Staff of Artakha.

Sector Three, like the rest of Metru Nui, was severely damaged when a fragment of Aqua Magna struck the head of the Great Spirit Robot during Teridax's battle with Mata Nui. Later, Sector Three, along with all other locations in the Matoran Universe, was dismantled.[2][3]


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