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"Shut up :)"
— Joven

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BS01 Status Alive, in Bara Magna
Usual Online Time ????
BZP Name bzjoven1
Age 11-13
Gender Boy
Height 4 ft
Nationality Chinese
Character(s) Gelu,Mata Nui,Matoro,Tarix
Color(s) Blue
Food(s) Chinese
Favorite Weapon Thornax Launcher,Ice Slicer,Scarab Shield
Tribe Ice Tribe
Tribe Job Ice Tribe Glatorian

Bzjoven1 is a BS01 user that seems to like the Ice Tribe and Water Tribe, or any thing related to Ice and Water. P.S Any thing about Glatorian Joven is not true in the Bionicle storyline, and the picture to the right is NOT what Joven or Bzjoven1 really looks like.


Bzjoven1 has been interested in Bionicle since 2003, and still is. He was once a Matoran named "jo" until he fell into a pool of Energized Protodermis and turned into ice Toa Joven. But the toa was never included in the Bionicle story because he became a top secret Toa Agent assigned by Turaga Dume to go on secret missions and no one was to know of his exsistence. On one of his mossions, he was given a copy of an Olmak to teleport to another Dimension. Here he rescued an alternate Artakha and as a reward he was given a Great Golden Kanohi, with the ability to hold 11 mask powers. He then returned to the Matoran Universe.

When Teridax possesed Mata Nui's body, Joven used his copy of the Kanohi Olmak to escape to Bara Magna, but after he arrived, his Olmak shattered and then he got frozen into a block of ice by falling into a pool of cold water, then some Agori rescued him and hired him as a Glatorian, making him Secondary Glatorian of the Ice Tribe. Along with it, Joven got new Glatorian armor, waeapons, and a Thornax Launcher.

Later, Joven was sent on a mission by Metus to find an ancient Glatorian, one that would assist the Ice tribe with their arena matches. Joven was too lazy to walk to his destination, so he bought a Thornatus V7 as transport. Unfortanately, he didn't know how to use a Thornatus, and he ran into a pool of liquid sand. Joven woke up on a mysterious island in the Sea of Liquid Sand, meeting an Agori named Crysilix, who gave him information on where he was. Joven told Crysilix of his mission, with Crysilix telling that the Ancient Glatorian is on the island and says Joven has to be destroyed now that he knows, and transforms into a draper (a fusion of a dragon and a viper) and tries to kill Joven, but gets defeated by him. Before sinking into a pool of quicksand, The Draper mention about a recent Skrall invasion on Atero.

This is MORE than just a symbol....

Joven then finds Perzon, the "Ancient Glatorian" he was looking for, then begins to hurry towards Atero to assist the Agori and Glatorian. As he is was on his way to Iconox with Perzon, Joven saw a Strange comet falling from the sky, Joven ignored it and continued on his way. At that moment Joven and Perzon were captured by Skrall and taken to Roxtus. After being thrown into seperate dungeon cells, the two engaged in a discussion about why they were there, until they were taken to Stronius. Stronius questioned Joven about Perzon, and Joven told Stronius that Perzon was a Glatorian to get hired by the Ice Tribe. Then Stronius ordered for Joven to be taken back into the Dungeon and for Perzon to be sent to Tuma. Joven later broke out of Roxtus and rushed back to Iconox, unknown about Perzon's fate.

After he returned to Iconox, He decided to visit River Dormus up in the north for adventurous reasons. As he was up there he discovered that River Dormus was linked to the Skrall River and all the pools he had ever fallen into by an underwater tunnel, Joven decided to call it the Trion Tunnel. Before he could explore it, a chariot came and an agori like being shot him in the head with a Thornax, knocking him out. Joven woke up in a dungeon with 4 other glatorian, and they introduced themselves to each other, Solorus, caravan guard for Vulcanus, Partunis, messenger of Tajun, Clorius, from Tesara, and Terrix, Glatorian Pilot from Iconox. Then the Agori that had knocked him out earlier had entered the room and introduced himself as Sahmad, from a Plagued Tribe from long ago. He had captured them because they all had certain abilities- Solorus could make a being blind for 10 minutes, Partunis could see through things, Clorius could see 30 seconds into the future, Terrix could use telekinesis, and Joven could read creatures minds. Sahmad had the ability to sense something special about someone, which is what he did to find the 5 of them, though he said that he didn't know how they all got their abilities. Sahmad planned to keep them forever to use their abilities, then Sahmad left the room, saying they would never be able to leave the room again.

Later, they broke out silently by using their powers, and Joven stumbled on a piece of his old Olmak (Which Sahmad must've found), and safe-kept it. Sahmad had found out they had escaped and went after them on his Baranus. When an enraged Sahmad (he was mad) found them, he slayed Clorius, and took back the piece of the Olmak and used it to scatter pieces of Partunis throughout the Galactic Universe. Joven then used his ability to make the Splikit fling Sahmad off of the chariot far away.

   Later, Joven began to hear of a Mata Nui in Vulcanus remembering the name, Joven became urgent to go to Vulcanus and meet him.  When he entered Vulcanus, he began to run, twice he fell into pools, then he bumped into Mata Nui and acciddentally touched his Icicle Sword and shield to the Mask of Life, turning his Icicle Sword into a Frostbite Sword, and his Ice Shield into a Snow Shield.  Joven was about to talk to Mata Nui until he fell into a pool and a current forced him through the Trion tunnel.

After 15 minutes of drifting through the tunnel, Joven emerged from the water, finding himself in Skull Mountain, watching Kiina and Berix trapped in a hanging cage, while a battle was happening below. Joven ran away to tell his village, until he saw a Sarabax Beetle scurrying around franticly. Because of Joven's special ability, the thoughts of the beetle appeared in his mind, showing Joven everything the creature had seen. Joven, remembering the 3 virtues of Mata Nui, suggested that the sarabax beetles unite to help fight in the battle, the beetle agreed and scurried off. Joven, now knowing all that had happened, went back to join the battle.

After the fight, Joven overheard the conversation between Mata Nui, Kiina, Berix, Gresh, and Ackar. After hearing the conversation, Joven decided to follow the five on their adventure.

When Mata Nui bean to depart for the north, Joven asked if he could come with, when Mata Nui said yes, him and a few other Glatorian headed up. Later on the trip, after everyone else had already left, Joven stayed, and when they had reached the Valley of the Maze, they decided to split up and enter the Maze from different entrances. As Joven entered the maze, the ground underneath him immediately disintegrated, dropping him into a pool of shallow water, then, the hole above him closed up again, trapping him inside the cavern. Joven first used his Icicle Sword to freeze the water, then he splashed water into the air and froze it, making an ice bridge. As he was climbing up the bridge, he saw some symbols on the wall:


Joven didn't understand them, so he just continued until he broke out of the cave by smashing the ceiling and crawling out. When he got out, the part of the maze he was in when he first fell into the hole looked comepletely different. Then he realized that the walls of the maze must've moved.

After wandering around the maze for several minutes, with walls occasionally moving to change his path, he encountered another trap, big spiked vines burst out of the ground, and statues on the wall came to life, and jumped in front of Joven. After minutes of fighting, Joven eventually defeated the statues and got rid of the vines. He took a step further then suddenly the ground turned into water and he fell into a pool liinking to the Trion Tunnel again. In the Trion Tunnel he encountered the Element Lord of Water, who kept interrogating him, asking what he was doing near the Valley of the Maze. Joven scared the Element Lord away by beginning to freeze the water. Then Joven emerged from the water in a pool in the agori Mega-Village.

Later, Joven witnessed 2 gigantic robots battle in the sky, participated in the following war, and later became a scholar for the newly reformed [Spherus Magna].

Abilities and Traits

Joven hates doing the same thing over and over again-except talking, and is always willing to have a challenge anytime and has much experience. Joven is always falling into pools often. Joven has the ability to read creatures' minds and see into their souls. How Joven got this ability is unknown, even to Joven himself.


As a Matoran, Joven had a Disk Launcher, and a Pick axe. His former mask was a powerless Volitak.

As a Toa, Joven had Adaptive Armor and an Adaptive Weapon, but his main weapons were a Nynrah Ghost Blaster, and an Elemental Ice Sword. His former mask as a Toa was a alternate version of a Great Golden Kanohi, with the powers of the Kanohi Volitak, Iden, Akaku, Huna, Kaukau, Pakari, Calix, Pehkui, Matatu, Rau, and the Rode. Later his Great Golden Kanohi got damaged and lost it's gold color.

Now, as a Glatorian, Joven has a Pointed Ice Shield, similar to the Scarab Shield, an Icicle Sword, and a Thornax Launcher. (His Great Golden Kanohi lost it's powers and turned into a helmet when he arrived on Bara Magna.) Later Joven's weapons were transformed by the Mask of Life into a Frostbite Sword and a Snow Shield that had Elemental powers. His Frostbite Sword could release cold air that could freeze or turn the air cold. His Snow Shield could become too cold to touch except to the user.




"What are YOU lookin' at?"
— Joven

"What are you waiting for? Fight!"
— Joven

— Joven, Falling into a pool of Energized Protodermis

"Oh No He Did'nt!"
— Bzjoven1

"You're an idiot."
— Perzon, Yelling at Joven


  • Bzjoven1 likes Even Numbers more than Odd Numbers; He likes the number 14 because upside down, it spells: "Hi".
  • Glatorian Joven won't mention anything about the Matoran Universe or Mata Nui because the residents of Bara Magna don't know of Mata Nui's existence.
  • In the Matoran Universe, Joven had the elemental power to control Ice and cold. When he entered Bara Magna, he lost that power. But later, his Shield and Sword were able to control the element of Ice.
  • The Makuta's name Icarax comes from the Greek character "Icarus".
  • Telluris and Stronius' names come from the element from the Periodic Table of Elements "Tellurium" and "Strontium".

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