Kanae Bay

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Kanae Bay
Status Merged into surrounding sea
Position West of Lake Pala
Pronunciation kah-NIGH[1]

Kanae Bay was a large bay in southern Le-Wahi. It was here that Toa Mata Lewa's Toa Canister washed ashore.


Kanae Bay was formed along with the rest of the island of Mata Nui when the Mata Nui robot crashed and his camoflauge system activated. Le-Matoran often came to the Kanae Bay in an attempt to overcome their fear of water by swimming in the bay. Their efforts proved a failure, and Turaga Matau eventually convinced them that trees were much better than water anyway.[1]

1,000 years after the Great Cataclysm, when summoned by the Toa Stones utilized by Takua, Lewa arrived in Kanae Bay, where he discovered his Air powers by assisting a small Taku.[2]

Kanae Bay was eventually cleared by the reawakened Bohrok swarms and ceased to exist altogether when Mata Nui awoke and the island of Mata Nui was destroyed.


  • In pre-2004 media, Kanae Bay was called "Kauae Bay."


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