Kumu Islets

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Kumu Islets
Status Destroyed
Position South of Kanae Bay
Pronunciation KOO-moo[1]

The Kumu Islets were small islands just south of Kanae Bay on Mata Nui. Many mutant Rahi—victims of the Visorak invasion of Metru Nui—migrated to the islets. Although Matoran tried to colonize the islets, they abandoned their efforts because of the dangerous mutant wildlife.[1]

When Teridax prematurely awakened the Bohrok swarms, the Bohrok traveled to the Kumu Islets to cleanse them. Later, when the Toa Nuva helped re-awaken the swarms, they likely completely cleansed the islets.[2] The islets were then destroyed along with the main island of Mata Nui when the Great Spirit Mata Nui awoke.


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