Field of Shadows

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"It's still there. Trapped in the dark. You can't see it — it can't see you. Or hear you. Or touch you. Or escape. Ever."
Rahaga Bomonga, Challenge of the Hordika

Field of Shadows
Field of Shadows.png
A Kahgarak sent to the Field of Shadows by its own Rhotuka
Pocket Dimension
Status Unknown
Inhabitants Zivon
Population The Zivon
A Kahgarak
A Rahkshi of Limited Invulnerability
Position Connected to the main reality

The Field of Shadows, also known as the Field of Darkness[1] or Zone of Darkness,[2] is a pocket dimension completely void of light.


The Field of Shadows was made and tied to the Matoran Universe by the Great Beings.[3] At some point in the past, the Brotherhood of Makuta created the Zivon and it came to reside in the Field of Shadows.[4][5]

During the Great Rescue, Toa Hordika Whenua and Rahaga Bomonga witnessed a Kahgarak sending a Rahkshi of Limited Invulnerability into the Field of Shadows.[6] Another Kahgarak appeared and the two were cornered by the spiders. The first Kahgarak sent the second into the field by missing the Toa Hordika and the Rahaga.[7] Whenua charged his Earth Rhotuka, and ripped open a chasm. While falling down, the Kahgarak sent the Toa Hordika and the Rahaga to the field as well.[8] However, they later escaped with the imprisoned Kahgarak through a portal leading to the light, only for Whenua and Bomonga to be caught by Sidorak.[9] Shortly afterwards, Sidorak had the Kahgarak open a portal to the Field of Shadows to summon the Zivon to Metru Nui. Later, Krahka, a Tahtorak, and the Zivon were sucked into the Field of Shadows when a Kahgarak attempted to force the Tahtorak into it.[10]

Later in the Archives, a Kahgarak attacked Nuju, Whenua, Bomonga and Kualus. The Toa Hordika of Ice mirrored the Visorak's Darkness Rhotuka with an ice wall and sent the spider into the Zone of Darkness.[11]

1,000 years later, Brutaka attempted to send Axonn to the field by using his Kanohi Olmak, but Axonn evaded the portal, and it was left open after the battle ended. Krahka and the Tahtorak used this portal to escape onto Voya Nui.[12] Later, when Brutaka fought Teridax near Mahri Nui, Brutaka used his Olmak to safely redirect Teridax's shadow attack to the Field of Shadows, where its destructive properties would be lost.[2]


The pocket dimension is entirely void of light and is the Zivon's place of residence. The dimension can be accessed via a Kahgarak's Rhotuka[6] or through the use of a Kanohi Olmak.[13] Since it is a pocket dimension, its space-time continuum is tied to that of the main dimension and is not as separate as that of an alternate reality.[3] The natural laws of the dimension prevent light from traveling within it, while the ground is flat and made out of stone.[14]



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