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"None of us choose our destiny. And none of us can defy it."


"I changed the name of my iPod to "Mahri Nui", so now when I plug it in to the computer is says that "Mahri Nui is Syncing"!"
— Me

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BS01 Status Master of Copy and Paste (in my own mind anyway :P)
Usual Online Time Random
BZP Name Artakhafan
BZP Status There
Online Jobs FQ Archivist
Age 1,2,3... I lost count
Gender Male
Height 10 feet =P
Nationality Alien
Character(s) Artakha, Varian, Vezon, and Teridax
Set(s) All of them
Color(s) Green
Food(s) Changes with the time of day
This user has been a fan of BIONICLE since 2001.
This user supports the ReignOfShadow Wiki Skin. KNEEL BEFORE TERIDAX!
External Image This user supports the Karda Nui BS01 Skin. BATTLE FOR POWER!
This user supports the TLR Wiki Skin. FOR UNITY!
This User is a listener. Oh, yeah.
This user patrols the recent changes.
LAZY This user is a master of copy and paste.
External Image This user will miss the most Kraahsome staff member and podcaster this wiki will ever have.

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About Me

Lets see, I've been a fan of BIONICLE since I got my first set, a Toa Mata Gali that I insisted to my friend was not a girl (you can guess who won that argument). After that I got a lot of other sets off and on though the years. I might add a list some time of all the ones I have. A long time later I found out about this wiki, around the time of the Sleeping Awake Contest, then I finaly made an acount when the Calm like a Bomb Contest came along. As to how I found the wiki, I was looking at the gallery at and saw an alternate Teridax MOC that said it was for the BS01 contest. So, I looked all over and couldn't find any BS01. Finaly I thought to search somewere other than, and there it was. Duh. After that I entered and won the Tobduk Contest. I also found the new Toa Metru Quote.


Renovator (x1)
Improve or help to improve the current Featured Project for BIONICLEsector01: Maintenance.

I found the new Toa Metru Quote.

This user won the Tobduk contest.

From Quotemaster for winning the Tobduk contest.

Contribute to the BS01 Podcast.

Trivial Stuff

  • The Tobduk contest was the first MoC contest I ever entered.
  • When I was a little kid, I changed my favourate color from blue to red because Gali was a girl.
  • I later changed it to green because I liked Lewa.
  • I won a Trans Neon Green Miru at Makuta Fest 2011!

See Also


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  • Quotemaster: My first friend on the wiki. (And is he's the only one to ask to be friends with me so far.)
  • Lord Nektann: He is the first person to ban me! Ever. (From a chatbox) So, why is he on the nice people list? He unbanned me 7 seconds later! It was a joke. However, he did it again and this time it was NINE SECONDS! He broke what little heart I have. Why LN? WHY? XP
  • Megan51: She made a sprite for me. It looks good to.
  • Twilight Avenger: He's helped me out a few times. He also made that awesome sprite up there. (But I've noticed that it's best not to mention V-day to him. Not that he has to worry, I don't like it either.)
  • BS01 Staff: Wouldn't have the wiki with out them. Edit on.