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3287 Takutanuva
Large Set
Set number 3287
Subtheme Makuta & Rahkshi
Release date 2004 (3287)
Late 2003 (K8596)
Pieces 398
MSRP ??? (US)
Ages 6+

Set 3287 Takutanuva is a large boxed set released in 2004,[1] portraying Takutanuva, the fused form of Makuta Teridax and Toa Takanuva.

Product Description

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The power of light and shadow!
When the Toa of Light and Makuta merge, they form the most powerful being ever to walk Mata Nui: Takutanuva! Build this amazing being from BIONICLE: The Mask of Light and create your own BIONICLE adventures. Set includes:
8593 Makuta
8596 Takanuva

Set Information

The Takutanuva set contains 398 pieces. Though it contains 2003 sets, it was released in 2004. It is identical to the combiner model as well as 10201 Takutanuva, except that it does not include a special edition Kanohi Kraahkan.

A collection set of 8593 Makuta and 8596 Takanuva, containing the same pieces, was released as K8596 Takutanuva Kit in 2003.


Twisting a gear on Takutanuva's back would cause his torso to move from side to side, enacting a swinging motion for his weapon.


This set comes with a metallic black Kraahkan, a dark gray Hau, and four Avohkii: two silver, one gold, and one transparent coated with golden glitter.


3287 Takutanuva does not have enough reviews recorded on Brick Insights to create a reflective score.


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