Fountains of Wisdom

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Fountains of Wisdom
Status Dismantled
Position Ga-Metru

The Fountains of Wisdom seen from the air

The Fountains of Wisdom were decorative structures that sprouted jets of Liquid Protodermis, located in the northern reaches of the Ga-Metru district of Metru Nui.


The intricate fountains were built by the Matoran, and although they are mainly for decoration, the Matoran place great spiritual value in them.

The Fountains were damaged in the earthquake caused by the Great Cataclysm, and became covered in webbing during the Visorak occupation of Metru Nui. The Rahaga transported the newly-formed Toa Hordika to this place after they rescued them from their commissioned execution at the Coliseum. Matau noticed his reflection in the water of one of the Fountains, and was startled to discover his appearance. When he was approached by the other Toa Hordika, he did not recognize them and attacked, only to be calmed by Nokama. The Toa began bickering, but were soon interrupted by Norik, who introduced himself and the five other Rahaga. He spoke to them of the mythical creature Keetongu, who could help to undo the changes caused by the Hordika Venom.

The Fountains were later restored by the usage of the Staff of Artakha.

When the fragment of Aqua Magna hit Metru Nui, it damaged the fountains, along with the rest of the city. Later, the Fountains of Wisdom, along with all other locations in the Matoran Universe, were dismantled.[1][2]


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