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Special Edition
Set number 8546
Subtheme Music
Release date May 2001[1][2]
Pieces 9
MSRP $14.99 (US)

Set 8546 PowerPack is a special edition set released in 2001. The Power Pack and its contents were promoted on, a website run jointly by LEGO and Universal Music, the recording company for the music included.

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here
These songs, inspired by the BIONICLE universe, can be enjoyed on their own or as the background for a Toa adventure.

In the "PowerPack", you will find: One 3-track music CD single with cool music composed by Universal Music especially for use with BIONICLE; One silver-colored plastic mask (Kanohi Rua) for the Toa; One Villager named Hafu; and One map of the Island of Mata Nui that you can put up on your wall.

Set Information

The set packaging
The back of the box

The Power Pack consists of four items, including a total of nine LEGO pieces:

  • The Power Pack CD-Rom
  • A Kanohi Rua, the Silver Mask of Wisdom worn by Toa Kaita Wairuha (identified as the Mask of Valor on
  • A buildable Hafu figure with Disk
  • A poster with a map of the island of Mata Nui next to images of the Toa Mata with their parts of the Makoki Stone on one side, and the instructions for Hafu and an ad for 2001 BIONICLE products on the reverse side


CD Art for the PowerPack
Hafu's biography
The CD's main menu
The Kanohi wall
The quiz

The CD starts with an animation of Mata Nui and zooming in to Po-Koro. The menu for the CD was an image of Po-Koro, featuring Toa Mata Pohatu, a few Po-Matoran (including Hafu), Turaga Onewa, and a pile of Golden Kanohi Masks. All three characters would occasionally move, similar to the Desktop Toys. By clicking on the characters, one would receive a bio of that character. By clicking different parts of the character, the viewer would receive different information.

The viewer could also click a wall on the right with masks on it. It would lead the viewer on a wall with all the six Kanohi. Clicking them would make information appear about them on the bottom of the screen.

By clicking the image of Mata Nui on a hut wall between Onewa and Pohatu, an animation of the legend of the Toa Mata arriving would begin. This was not the Legend of Mata Nui animation however, but rather an animation with images and text explaining the legend.

Clicking the Golden Mask pile gave the viewer a quiz of 4 questions. It stated that if the viewer got them all right, he/she would get access to a competition where the winner would get a solid golden Kanohi Hau.

By clicking the box in the sand near Hafu an advertisement of the BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa video game would play.

The CD also contained all six of the Toa Mata Promo Animations, as well as the rare Turaga Vakama animation, which were playable when the CD was placed into a computer.


The CD contains three music tracks:

  • 1. The BIONICLE Music, by Lewa: The best-known of the tracks, as it has appeared in various media, including the Mata Nui Online Game and the Vahki Online Animations. This is a shorter version of a track titled Killing Machines, composed by Professional Contributors to BIONICLE#Paul Hardcastle.[3]
  • 2. Hura-Mafa Flow, vocals and guitars by Gali, programming by Kopaka: A darker piece, which features a vocal track containing the words "Still Searching" and "Rock One, Rock Two, Rock Three", named after the Hura-Mafa River.
  • 3. Kumo Rocks, vocals and guitars by Gali, programming by Kopaka: A guitar-driven mix interspersed with the words "Rock Your World".


Hafu's arms can be pulled back and released, making them shoot back forward. His right hand is capable of holding a Bamboo Disk, and doing this while Hafu is holding the disk causes him to throw it. The disk could also be stored on his back.


The set features a chrome silver Kanohi Hau, meant to represent the Kanohi Rua. Hafu wears a black Noble Kanohi Ruru. Also included is a Bamboo Disk featuring Tahu's Kanohi Hau and the mask's name. This disk is identical to the one included in 1391 Jala.


8546 PowerPack scored a total of 50 on Brick Insights, indicating negative reviews, though with only two recorded reviewers.


  • In the wall that displays all the information about the six Toa Mata's Kanohi, the Kanohi Miru is misspelled as "Miro."
  • In the artwork on the CD disc, "Hura-Mafa Flow" is written as "Hura Mafa Flow".
  • Though the Rua uses the shape of a Miru in the Mata Nui Online Game, it is included as a Hau-shaped mask in this set.
    • On, the mask is said to be the Kanohi Rua, the Silver Mask of Valor, worn by Toa Kaita Wairuha formed from Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua.


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