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Build this warrior of the Order of Mata Nui using pieces from #8680 Toa Tahu, #8688 Toa Gali, and #8690 Toa Onua.
LEGO BrickMaster Magazine July-August 2008

Combiner Model
Component sets 8688



Release date 2008
Pieces 93

Trinuma is a combiner model portraying the member of the Order of Mata Nui.

Set Information

Trinuma model uses 93 pieces from 8688 Gali, 8689 Tahu, and 8690 Onua.


Trinuma features two Nynrah Ghost Blasters, which can fire "airsoft"-style projectiles.


The model wears a dark red adapted Hau Nuva as the base of the Mask of Charisma, which includes the horns.[1]


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  • The digital instruction sheet has some errors, which are easy to fix by using the two original promotional images.
    • The instructions shows to fix each of the shoulder armors with one black technic pin, while the original promotional image from the magazine clearly shows us that 2 black pins are needed to attach each shoulders.
    • At first, the black liftarms in the body are mirrored in position, but facing the right way. On the next page, the liftarms are on their correct positions, but the pins on the liftarm facing backwards compared to the original image, which shows the pins next to the pin holes of the torso.
      • Because of the error with the liftarms in the body, many fans, who built the model incorrectly attached the Nynrah Ghost Blasters to the shoulder joints of the figure instead of its back, through the back armor to the axles holes.
    • The intructions show Trinuma having a dark blue right hand, while the promotional images use a black hand.
  • Given the amount of errors in the instructions, and the leftover pieces from the component sets, it is fairly possible, that Trinuma was meant to have two black hands, but the left hand was ommited or forgotten during the digital rendering. The construction of the shield allows the builder to attach a technic y connector behind the shield at a 90°, without any modification or flexing any parts.


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