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"A long time ago, on the mythical island of Okoto, all lived in harmony. It was a place of wonders and beautiful landscapes."
— Narrator, The Legend

Status Intact
Inhabitants Toa (formerly)
Umarak (formerly)
Okotans (Protectors)
Elemental Creatures
Mask Makers (Ekimu)
Skull Raiders (Skull Army)
Position On the Great Sea
Pronunciation oh-KOH-toe[citation needed]

Okoto is a large island located within a vast ocean known as the Great Sea.


The island of Okoto was formed millennia ago, imbued with the power of the Elements: Earth, Fire, Ice, Jungle, Stone, and Water, as well as Light and Shadow. When the island came into existence, Elemental Creatures were born that embodied its very essence, while Umarak was born from the shadows to hunt them. The Okotans eventually discovered that their jungle-covered land was divided into six regions where a particular element was stronger than the others, and named them after the Elemental Creatures.[BotMM]

For a long time, Okoto and its inhabitants enjoyed a time of relative peace. The Skull Raiders nearly conquered the island, but were forced underground by the Protectors and the Mask Makers.[1]

Okoto after the shockwave

The island was served by two Mask Makers, Makuta and Ekimu, who created Masks of Power for the people in order for them to reshape the island to fit their needs. They obeyed a sacred rule to never include more than one of the six elements in each mask, lest it become too powerful and dangerous. Ekimu's craftsmanship was exemplary, and his masks were greatly sought after by the people of Okoto.

Makuta grew jealous, and defied the sacred law to forge the Mask of Ultimate Power. However, upon donning the mask, he was corrupted by its power, and Okoto began to degrade. Ekimu confronted Makuta and knocked the mask from his face, unleashing a shockwave that spread throughout the island, degrading and transforming its landscape. The mask's destruction opened a rift to the Shadow Realm, which consumed Makuta and Capital City. Ekimu was cast into an endless sleep, and Makuta vanished, ending their benevolent reign. Their masks became dispersed across Okoto, anticipating the day when someone would discover them once more. The Protectors of the time retrieved the body of Ekimu and heard the Prophecy of Heroes whispered to them, foretelling the arrival of six heroes in a time of darkness. As a result of these events, Okoto's natural energy fields were disturbed, cities were destroyed, and much of the jungle that had once covered the entire island was replaced with barren regions.[2][GotT][BotMM]

Thousands of years later, Makuta's dark influence returned, and the Skull Army began to menace the island of Okoto, seeking Masks of Power. The current era's Protectors recited the Prophecy of Heroes in the Temple of Time and summoned six Toa, who fell from the skies onto Okoto. With the aid of the Protectors, they journeyed through Okoto's treacherous wilds to locate the Golden Masks of Power. The Toa then navigated to the City of the Mask Makers to recover and awaken Ekimu, defeating the Skull Creatures along the way. They eventually succeeded in reviving Ekimu and defeating the Skull Creatures, and soon welcomed the other Okotans into the city.[2][3]

The Toa and Ekimu were soon called upon to deal with the threat of the Skull Raiders, whom they discovered living in an ancient city while on a mission to rescue abducted children. The ensuing battle saw the destruction of the city, with the Skull Raiders and their leader Kulta buried in the collapsed cavern.[1]

After receiving new armor and weapons from Ekimu, the Toa traveled to their respective regions in search of the Elemental Creatures and their Golden Masks of Unity. During this time, the ancient hunter Umarak and his Shadow Traps emerged in open alliance with Makuta, seeking to capture the Elemental Creatures so as to retrieve Makuta's Mask of Control. The Toa eventually joined forces with the Elemental Creatures and recovered their masks before making their way to the Labyrinth of Control off of Okoto's coast. Umarak followed them and recovered the Mask of Control before returning to Okoto, where he was transformed into Makuta's monstrous minion, the Destroyer. Umarak created the Shadow Horde and sent them to ravage Okoto. While the Okotans and the Elemental Creatures fought the Shadow Horde at the City of the Mask Makers, the Toa and Ekimu followed Umarak to the Black Crater, where he created a portal to the Shadow Realm through which Makuta could return. However, the Toa merged their elements and sealed the portal, trapping Makuta and returning to the stars above.[JTO]



  • Bat (unnamed) - A bat that can be found in the City of the Mask Makers.
  • Bird (unnamed) - Multiple species of birds native to Okoto.
  • Cattle (unnamed) - Bovine skeletons can be seen in the wastelands of the Region of Stone.
  • Clam (unnamed) - A clam living in the Region of Water.
  • Cliff Vulture - A bird native to the Region of Stone.
  • Coral (unnamed) - An organism which forms reefs in the Region of Water.
  • Dragonfly (unnamed) - A dragonfly native to the Region of Jungle.
  • Deer (unnamed) - Unseen, but Lewa mentions stags when describing Umarak's horns.
  • Fish (unnamed) - Multiple species of fish living in the Region of Water.
  • Giant Hawk (unnamed) - A species of hawk large enough to carry two Okotans or a Toa.
  • Giant Snake (unnamed) - A large snake living in the caves under the City of the Mask Makers.
  • Ice Eagle (unnamed) - A bird native to the Region of Ice.
  • Scorpion (unnamed) - A scorpion living in the Region of Stone.
  • Seagull (unnamed) - A bird living near the coast of the Region of Water.
  • Skull Scorpion - A dangerous species of scorpions living on Okoto.
  • Starfish (unnamed) - A starfish living on the bottom of the Region of Water.
  • Tweeper - A species of bird once found in the area of the City of the Mask Makers.[BotMM]
  • Wolf (unnamed) - A species of wolves native to the Region of Stone.
  • Many unnamed dangerous creatures living in the Region of Jungle.[4]


Okoto is divided into six different regions by tall mountain chains. Each region is dominated by a certain element: Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Jungle, and Stone.

Umarak's Lair is located somewhere in the mountain chains.


At least two celestial bodies can be seen in the skies above Okoto. A constellation of Makuta's Mask of Control was seen above Okoto while he was commanding the Skull Army.

Since the six Toa have defeated Makuta and returned to the stars, their Elemental Stars can be seen in the night sky above.


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