Region of Ice

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Region of Ice
Region of Okoto
Status Inhabited
Inhabitants Melum
Position Northern Okoto

The Region of Ice, also known as Melum,[1] is a frozen, inhospitable area on the northern tip of Okoto.


The Region of Ice is home to the Ice Tribe, who are led by the Protector of Ice, a title passed down through the generations. The Region was named after Melum of the Elemental Creatures by the ancient inhabitants of Okoto.[1]

Okoto was menaced by the Skull Spiders seeking the legendary Masks of Power. Izotor, the current Protector of Ice, along with the other Protectors, traveled to the Temple of Time, where they used the Mask of Time and the Prophecy of Heroes to summon six Toa.

Kopaka, the Master of Ice, crashed into the Region of Ice after being summoned. He was met by Izotor, and the two traveled for weeks through the region to the Ice Shrine. There, Kopaka claimed the Golden Mask of Ice and used its increased elemental power to save Izotor from a horde of Skull Spiders. He then departed for the City of the Mask Makers, which the Islanders later relocated to after the Toa reclaimed it.

Kopaka later traveled back to this region to find Melum and the Golden Mask of Unity guarded by the Creature of Ice.


Ice Tribe villages

The Region of Ice is a chilling expanse of tundra, glaciers, and snowy mountains. Powerful blizzards sometimes freeze the entire region, making it very dangerous for islanders.

Ice Tribe Villages

On the windblown tundra live the stalwart islanders of the Ice Tribe.

Ice Shrine

The Golden Mask of Ice was preserved in a mountaintop shrine.

Temple of the Ice Creature

A temple watched over by Melum, from which was taken an Elemental Crystal which was used to empower Kopaka's Golden Mask of Ice. Kopaka himself later visited this temple in order to retrieve his Golden Mask of Unity, and battled Melum briefly before he realized that they were meant to be equals.


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