Shadow Spawn

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Shadow Spawn
Shadow Entities
Mask Hunter Mask
Element Shadow
Tools Claws
Bladed tails
Status Inactive
Location Okoto

The Shadow Spawn are bestial apparitions manifested by Umarak.


The Shadow Spawn were summoned by Umarak when he confronted the Toa in the Region of Jungle. In an effort to determine the weakest link of the Toa and their Elemental Creatures, Umarak summoned three of the Spawn to combat them. One Spawn attacked Pohatu, who refused the offer of help from his Creature Ketar, and defeated the Spawn himself. Witnessing their lack of teamwork, Umarak decided on the pair as his next targets, and the Shadow Spawn dematerialized.

Abilities and Traits

The original model of the Shadow Spawn

The Shadow Spawn could be created from Umarak's ammunition, similar to the Shadow Traps.

Mask and Tools

The Shadow Spawn wore duplicates of the Hunter Mask and had powerful claws, as well as bladed tails.

Set Information

The Shadow Spawn model, created by John Ho of the BIONICLE design team, was built using parts from sets 71309 Onua Uniter of Earth and 71310 Umarak the Hunter, though no official instructions were released.




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