Bohrok Kaita Za

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Bohrok Kaita Za
Bohrok Kaita Za.png
Bohrok Kaita
Formed by Tahnok
Powers Fire
Tools Fire Shields
Pronunciation BOH-rock KIGH-ee-TAH ZAH[1]

Bohrok Kaita Za is a Bohrok Kaita which can be formed by the fusion of a Tahnok, Nuhvok and Pahrak. However, this Kaita was never seen to be formed. Had it been formed, it would have been controlled by a Krana Za and would be able to wield the elements of Fire, Earth and Stone.

Set Information

The set form of Bohrok Kaita Za can be built out of the Bohrok sets Tahnok, Nuhvok, and Pahrak. Its instructions could be found divided between the instruction booklets of the three sets or on As with its components, a lever on its back activated a gear function that caused it to thrust its head forward, and pressing on its eyes opened its faceplate and hurled its Krana as a last means of defense.

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