Bohrok Kaita Ja

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Bohrok Kaita Ja
Bohrok Kaita
Formed by Lehvak
Powers Acid
Tools Ice Shields[citation needed]
Acid Shields[citation needed]
Pronunciation BOH-rock KIGH-ee-TAH JAH[1]

Bohrok Kaita Ja is a Bohrok Kaita which can be formed by the fusion of the Bohrok Lehvak, Kohrak and Gahlok. This Kaita was never seen to be formed. Had it been formed, it would have been controlled by a Krana Ja and wielded the powers of Acid, Ice, and Water.

Set Information

Bohrok Kaita Ja can be built out of the Bohrok sets Lehvak, Kohrak, and Gahlok. One third of the instructions could be found with each set in the back of its components' instruction booklet. The instructions could also be found on As with the individual Bohrok sets, one could press a lever on Bohrok Kaita Ja's back to operate a gear function thrusting its head forward. Likewise, when the eyes were pressed, the faceplate would open and the krana would be hurled out as a last means of defense.


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