Krika's Camp

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Krika's Camp
Status Destroyed
Population The Mistika Makuta
Position Karda Nui

Krika's Camp,[1] also known as Krika's Haven[1] or Krika's Lair[2][3] was a the base of operations of the Makuta in the Karda Nui swamp.


Sometime after the arrival of the Makuta in the swamp of Karda Nui, Krika established a headquarters for his team. This base was the primary base of the Makuta who operated in the swamp as they sought out the Keystones and the Kanohi Ignika.

Soon after the Toa Nuva Tahu, Gali, and Onua arrived in the swamp, Bitil ambushed and captured Onua, bringing him captive to the mud islet of Krika's camp. While Bitil and his duplicates were waiting for Krika, Onua broke free and managed to escape, causing the mud to violently explode. Bitil was sent flying while Onua rocketed up and away.[4][2][5]

After escaping the various onslaughts from the Makuta, the Toa Nuva regrouped and trailed the Makuta. Following the directions of Onua, the Toa Nuva stealthily arrived at the camp, using their powers to distract the Makuta and lead them away. They were then able to sneak in and look for the Ignika, and while they didn't find that, they did find a Keystone. Unfortunately, the Makuta had apparently not been fooled by the elemental ploys and surrounded the Toa, forcing Tahu to create a shield to protect them. As the Makuta were distracted corresponding with the Makuta in the sky, Gali softened the earth and Onua burrowed into it, boring a tunnel to the Codrex. The Makuta did not follow them, however, heading straight for the Codrex, and when the Toa realized this, they looped back and reemerged at the camp before starting again for the Codrex.[1]

Krika's camp was destroyed following the arrival of the Energy Storms.


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