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"This is a dark time for our island. Many have lost their masks to the Skull Spiders and fallen under the control of the Lord of Skull Spiders."
Nilkuu, Island of Lost Masks

Skull Spiders
Green Skull Spiders Animation.png
Skull Creature
Powers Mind Control
Status Defeated
Location Okoto
Set number 70778-70789

Skull Spiders are arachnid Skull Creatures that dwell on Okoto.


Skull Spiders controlling a village

Long after the powerful Mask of Creation, Mask of Control, and Mask of Ultimate Power were lost to the wilderness, the Skull Spiders began appearing in force on Okoto. Commanded by the Lord of Skull Spiders, sponsored by the dark spirit of Makuta, they attacked several of the villages and menaced the Okotans. Their goal was uncovering Ekimu's Golden Masks of Power for Makuta, the locations of which were only known by the villages' Protectors.

Soon after Toa Tahu crash landed on Okoto, several Skull Spiders attacked him, but he effortlessly defeated them.

Many Skull Spiders followed the Protectors as they led the Toa through Okoto's wilderness for weeks to find the Golden Masks of Power. Once the Toa neared claiming their Golden Masks of Power, the Skull Spiders attacked, though they were defeated by the Toa's increased elemental powers. This forced their Lord to challenge the Toa himself, only to be defeated by their combined efforts.

The Skull Spiders later retrieved the body of their injured master and took him to his lair to recover, and began rallying the Skull Spiders on the island to start a full scale assault on Okoto. However, the Protectors discovered the lair trying to to enter the City of the Mask Makers. Eventually, a major battle took place in the Lord of Skull Spiders' lair, which ended with the Protectors bringing the ceiling down on him and the Skull Spiders.[1]

Makuta sent a Skull Spider to free Kulta from his cell and retrieve his mask.[2]

Several joining a group of Skull Warriors in attacking the reclaimed City of the Mask Makers, and later at least one Skull Spider was captured by Shadow Traps.

Several Skull Spiders also appeared among Makuta's minions in the Shadow Realm.

Abilities and Traits

Skull Spiders crawling on webs

Skull Spiders can attach to the bearer's faces, thereby controlling their minds. They can also attach themselves to animals' faces to take control of them. The Skull Spiders can also spin webs.[1]

The Skull Spiders can be controlled by the Golden Mask of the Skull Spiders and can also be controlled by the Lord of Skull Spiders through a telepathic link.[3]

Skull Spiders also have a limited form of communication, which enables them to follow commands and have basic thoughts and conversation with their fellow spiders.[4] When the Lord was injured, the Spiders would use their webs to cover him to carry and heal him.[1]

Several breeds of Skull Spiders have unique abilities:

  • The blue skull spiders are the toughest of the species.[5]
  • The silver skull spiders are the fastest of the species.[6]
  • The green skull spiders have developed x-ray vision, which enables them to find prey even in total darkness.[7]


Set Information

Skull Spider set attachment

A Skull Spider is available in each of the Master and Protector sets of the 2015 winter wave of sets in varying colors: dark blue, yellow-green, and silver. Each Skull Spider uses five pieces, with some featuring a sixth to make the stinger. Their bodies can connect to faces in the same way regular masks can.


  • According to the LEGO Club Magazine, Skull Slicer was reanimated through the control of a Skull Spider.[8]
  • In the Quest for the Masks of Power activity book, some Skull Spiders have orange, dark green, bright green, or dark red color schemes.


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