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Toa Lhikevikk
User Status Alive
BZPower Username -Toa Lhikevikk-
BZPower Status On almost all the time :P
Location Somewhere
Gender Male
Favorite Set Hydraxon

Update (May 14, 2020): [wipes dust off account] So, I'm randomly back for a bit. More here to lurk and scrounge for lore with which to build my Bionicle tabletop RPG system. For posterity's sake, my... extremely cringey preteen profile is here below. Lol.

Toa Lhikevikk 17:05, 14 May 2020 (UTC)

Yeah, this will have to do for now. Let me find an one. My MLN name is avak_attacks. If I see someone I recognize from BS01 or BZP, chances are I'll add tem as a friend. So if you'e someoone well known (or at least known by me), don't be surprised if "avak_attacks" befriends you. Clicks and stuff are welcome. :) (And if you, or anyone you know, have Bee Battle Rank 3, PLEASE TELL ME! I'M DESPERATE!)

OK, I have decided to make a main page-like thing, I.E., Image of the Week, Featured Quote, etc. (Which will be archived here. SUBPAGE DESTROYED IN UPGRADE DX) However, I will also make up categories as well, and will release them gradually. (I don't know how to make boxes though, so they will just be lines of text. Enjoy!)


Ah, my friends, I have decide to end the Main Page emulation. Go in peace.


Got this from Toa Kanas for giving a name to his MOC. (Yes! I finally got awarded for something!)

External Image

The Kralax Award
This award has been granted to Lhiky for he has named my MOC Makuta.ALL HAIL!

Got this from Dorek for adding spoilers before their time. (Whoopsie.)

Spoiler Warning

Welcome to the BIONICLEsector01 Wiki. Although everyone is welcome to contribute constructively to this Wiki, at least one of your recent edits contained prohibited spoilers. Please note that... Thank you.

Got this from Nuparu1995 for turning thirteen.

External Image The Nuparu1995 Super-Special Birthday Award!
This award has been granted to Toa Lhikevikk for having another birthday! May your new age bring much joy! Make a wish and blow out the candles! ^_^


Got this from MatoroIgnika, also for turning thirteen, and wishing him a happy birthday as well.

Congratulations Ice Award
This award has been presented to Lhiky for for its his birthday and Telling MI Happy Birthday a day early due to Bs01's clock settings..

Happy Birthday!

And because quotes are cool...

"IMO, we should take the pics off the Transporation gallery and link here. Ginormosity is illegal in 17.835029 states, as well as the USSR. :P"
— Me, Articles for Deletion

"THE MYSTERY OF THE CAPE HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED! Does the cape have secret powers? Is the cape controling Vezon? Is it, in fact, a Makuta? Find out when we get off our lazy bums and research it ourselves!"
"That's a good idea. *Becomes an official couch potato*
Masterweaver and Katani the joker, Discussion of a Mad Being's Apparel

(more awesome quotes coming soon)


    / 0{|Co|c08|  
   |{  { |O0oC0O)
   |{_\  |o0/_o8|
  |\(__) |=(__)Q|
  | \--  |••... |
  |  ____|____  |

Credit to Bold Clone.

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