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Card Games

The BIONICLE: Quest for the Masks Card Game
Type Game
Years released 2001-2009

Card Games are a form of Media used by LEGO to promote BIONICLE.


The Toa Nuva Reconstruct game

Card Games served as supplement products to the main BIONICLE storyline. The first card game launched in 2001, BIONICLE: Quest for the Masks. There were three decks you could buy, each having a pair of Toa Mata. There were Action Cards, Mission Cards, Turaga cards, Great Mask Cards, and Great Mask Challenge cards. You try to have your Toa find all the Kanohi before the other. The Challenge cards were challenges Toa had to complete in order to receive a Great Mask or Turaga card. The Action cards helped oneself, or hindered an opponent. A Rahi Challenge expansion pack was released featuring Rahi cards, and special Rahi effect cards, as well as penalty cards. Cards are drawn by movement on a game board. In 2002, the BIONICLE: Bohrok Swarm game was released to tie in with the other game. This time there were Bohrok, Bohrok Va, and krana cards. Cards from the first game could be used in this one, but not vice-versa. New cards included mission, portal, double results, and Bohrok control. With this card, a player can control a Bohrok.

McDonald's Mighty Kid's Meal had a promotion coming with BIONICLE: The Bohrok Awake. This special promotional card game featured 'Quest Cards' (foes), and 'Hero Cards', that included the Mata, Toa Nuva, and even some Mata in Exo-Toa. The object was to complete quests with higher point totals by using Heroes and Kanohi. Also that year was the BIONICLE: Toa Nuva Reconstruct game. The premise was after their creation, a tornado had ripped the Nuva apart, and they had to rebuild themselves. The game could be played with Toa Nuva parts or sans them. There are thirty-six action cards to aid in rebuilding.

Card Games did not return until the Phantoka Battle Cards released in Singapore, Sweden, Finland, Hong Kong, and Croatia. There were cards with stats and information on the Phantoka sets of early 2008. Foil 'combi' cards were released featuring a Toa Nuva or Makuta and their corresponding Matoran that they 'link-up' with.

The Legend Reborn was a card game created by the Italian manufacturer edibas collections, and released throughout Europe. It contained several cards and images of characters in 2009. The player could battle others on a downloadable game board from the edibas website.

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