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11/21/2019: As of November 17, I have been registered on this website for a decade. I remain proud of what I did for this website, and to BIONICLE fans everywhere, current and future. I am still watching, and will do so for the foreseeable future.
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"All journeys must come to an end, but this one heralds a new beginning as well. All that has gone before has only served to give birth to this new day. Be well, be strong and care for this world and each other. Farewell."
— Mata Nui, Rebirth

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I first joined this website in November 2009 after avidly viewing it for about a year. Like many users before me, I was next to clueless on how things worked around here. Many of my edits were reverted, and I would get into discussions I knew nothing about. To put it plainly, it's embarrassing to talk about. But we all have to go through that stage at some point.

I started making use of myself when I got into the O:RAC by finding a quote for BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn - Official Movie Guide. Things went uphill for me after that. Even though the end of BIONICLE was announced, I was eager to make my mark on BS01, and mark it I did. I would spend entire days on here, patrolling the recent changes, thinking up new ideas for pages, and looking for pages that needed editing.

When BIONICLE ended, I got to a stage where I was desperate enough to come up with ridiculous ideas to propose for pages. This was another one of those embarrassing moments I don't like looking back at. At one point, I became so active here, I started acting like a staff member, telling other members what they should and should not do. I was warned multiple times to stop, until I finally realized I had to.

Despite all those things going against me, I seemed to have gained respect among other members. I made thousands of minor edits, and at least a thousand major edits, but some of those were reverted, so I don't count those.

After being inactive for months, in December 2016, I decided to retire for the foreseeable future. I wish the best for the future of this website that has given me so much joy. Feel free to leave me a message though. I'll (eventually) get back to you.

You can also contact me by email or by Steam.

I am currently in college, majoring in geography and computer-aided design.

Top Ten Contributions

  1. My first edit ever was on Lewa's Axe's talk page, suggesting to change its name from just "Axe"
  2. Proposed the Skrall War page. This was my first successful AfC nomination. While I did sandbox it, it was rewritten because I had poor grammar back then.
  3. De-stubbed and found a quote for The Legend Reborn Movie Guide.
  4. Started the Power Source page. Again, most of it was rewritten, but I did a better job than Skrall War.
  5. Suggested removing contractions from pages. Remember not to use those when writing!
  6. Sandboxed and proposed the creation of the Skrall Fortress page
  7. Came up with the idea for the Unnamed Species page.
  8. Went through the trouble of combining all the individual Matoran navigation templates into Template:MatoranNav.
  9. Collaborated with Lord Oblivion the Great to get the TECHNIC page accepted for creation. It took a few tries, but I think it's here to stay now.
  10. Proposed and designed Template:Media

Member Spotlight

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The Member Spotlight Award
The Member Spotlight Award is only given to the featured members of Wiki-Nui. This award has been presented to Vartemp. The following was his description on the spotlight.

When you see Vartemp editing around the Wiki, and commenting on Talk Pages you think that he's a wiki veteran and has been on BS01 for a long time. The truth is you're wrong. With only four months of experience Vartemp is already one of the best and most dedicated editors in the entire Wiki. At the end of this year, Vartemp will with no doubt be one of the best editors on the Wiki. Spawn of Teridax even considers Vartemp one of the best potentials on the wiki, and rightfully does with his mastery over editing, and coding.

Vartemp isn't all about editing, he's a great member as well. He's nice, and helps out new members well, and is an great source of help for any new members joining the Wiki. If you're a new member, and needs a sig, coding help, or userboxes, this guy's the place to go. He also has Badge B in the Badge of Trust system, for his help in advanced coding matters. In just four months, Vartemp's already one of the best coders on the wiki.

On top of all his accomplishments on the Wiki, Vartemp is a great friend. I know, firsthand that Vartemp is a great guy, and easy to talk with about any matter. He's a great and kind mentor always there with thoughts, comments, and advice. All in all, Vartemp's a great editor, coder, helper, and friend. Without Vartemp, I don't know where'd I be on the Wiki as he helped me get started on the wiki. You deserve it my friend, you deserve this a lot. Enjoy your time in the spotlight.

Date added to Spotlight: 4/5/2010

--External Image Owner (Talk / BS01)

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