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Toa Shoby
Vuata Maca Tree.PNG
User Status Lurking WikiGnome
BZPower Username ~Mario's Brother
BZPower Status Member:Seeker
Location Australia
Gender Male
Favorite Set ALL OF 'EM!


Because on other Wikis that's what I'm called and I sometimes forget what my name is in relation to where I am.


I am a Toa of Plant-Life. I am the only Toa where I come from. I was drafted for the Destiny War and am reluctant to leave.Who is going to fend for the Matoran while I'm gone? If only the Turaga was still a Toa...

Mask: Kanohi Kakama, Mask of Speed

Weapons: Rhotuka Spinner with 'Botanical Strangle' power, Proto-Steel Botanica Longsword

Powers: Ability to create plants, control plants and absorb them.Unleash a Plant-life Nova Blast

Location: Daxia

External ImageToa Shoby Nui, Credit to InnerRayg


New Stats

After touching a mysterious object, I have become stronger, faster and smarter. I also look more buffed up, of course. I'll call myself... TOA NUI!~


Don't take this section seriously.

~: Translates to 'Great Toa'

In Real Life However

I am known as... S.A (I'm not giving you my full name of course!) and my birthday is on the 28 of August. I was born in 1995, which makes me 13. Hobbies of mine include: drawing, reading, observing nature (especially insects) and collecting Lego! I have a yellow belt in Seido Karate and wish to continue my training to reach at least 3 dan black belt. When I grow up I wish to be an entomologist (person who studies insects) or an architect. My favourite colour is lime green and I have the Too Lime & Alien --Warning-- Award. Is that good or bad? Seriously I want to know.

Me on BZP

On BZPower I am known as ~Infinity S~. I am a crazy, goody-two shoes and will NOT hesitate to report if I see you do bad things.

Please feel free to contact me, on BZP or here. Also tell if I'm doing something wrong...

I have liked Bionicle since it was made and I joined BZP 5 years ago.

Names in the Past:

bionicle crazy

vorahk 28(bionicle crazy -- That name had a typo in it.

Hakann the Hunter

Takadox: the Hypnotic Master

~Infinity S~

On-Going Epic

My Epic was deemed Epic fail by myself. I am not likely to make another epic in the next 12 months. But if I get any ideas, I will list them here.

I Wonder...

What is going to happen next in the Bionicle story.

Is there such thing as a Toa of Insect Life?


External Image Too Lime & Alien Warning Award~!
This warning award has been given to Toa Shoby because one of your edits or actions, such as uploading personal images, and looking like a lime-coloured being, is/can be considered too alien by Mr Matkerzah. Please note that thing's too alien should not be posted on any parts of Wiki-Nui(But you can still post it 8P). Please edit on!

From: ~Mattym

(Full list here)

Awards for YOU!

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The Toa Shoby Award
You have been granted this award simply by visiting Toa Shoby's user page.

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The Toa Shoby Services Award
You have been granted this award for helping Toa Shoby when he was in dire need.

Need my permission for this last one.

Awards for ME!

I've done my share, now you give ME an award! (Please?)


B-5 This user is an expert on all things BIONICLE.
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MoMN Teridax This user is a nitpicker.
Comic Plasma.png This user has a fiery temper. (He just might shoot it at you!)

Self-made Userboxes

Makika.PNG This user will think BIONICLE is boring when Makika Toads fly.Hopefully that's not any time soon!
<--My first self-made userbox!
Vuata Maca Tree.PNG This user's favorite element is Plant-life.
<--My second one!  
Foam Finger Matoran.PNG This user loves BIONICLE and will continue to love it even after it's gone.
<--You guessed it! My third!
External Image This user wants to work at LEGO.

Feel free to use. Just give credit!

2009 Sets

Sets I Have

  • All Glatorian
  • All Glatorian Legends
  • All Agori
  • Fero & Skirmix

Sets I Really Want

  • Thornatus V9
  • Tuma

Sets I Want Only a Bit

  • Every other vehicle set.

--Toa Shoby,Toa Nui of Plant-Life I like greeeen!!! Do you? 05:31, 15 August 2009 (UTC)