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Featured Chronicle

Featured Chronicle is a Wiki feature which allows you to select a certain page to be starred on the Main Page. Nominations will take place on this article's talk page, and the voting will begin on the Voting Center. Voting is currently on break


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Nomination Rules

  • Nominate one article.
  • Sign your name when nominating. It's kind of hard to give a vote if you haven't signed...
  • No Parent Pages. Yes, they're nice and all, but they're lists. Please pick an article from one and nominate it instead. This also goes for Categories and Templates.
  • No Stubs.
  • No repeat pages. If it's been FC before, don't nominate it please. You can tell if a page has been featured before if it has a small gray Hau at the top right of the page.
  • If your nomination did not make it in this time, you are welcome to reapply it. However, you should know by now if it didn't win, you probably should help improve it to figure out why...
  • And finally, make sure the article is worthy enough to be featured. We're trying to showcase BS01, not just put our favorite characters. Also, articles may not be nominated to "honor" a character. FC focuses on the article, not on the subject.
    • Please be reminded that the purpose of the FC is to feature well structured and written pages on the BS01 Wiki. It's not a place for you to nominate your favorite characters, objects, Rahi etc.


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Current FC

Considered the true inception of the BIONICLE story, the Core War is a planetary conflict fought on Spherus Magna. The politics before, during, and after the war have been covered in numerous sources (including the subject of a canon story contest hosted by BS01), and all contributed to what would ultimately be the majority of the storyline. Though this is how it all got started, it was not revealed to us until near the end of the story, slowly pieced together throughout 2009, and culminating in this featured article.


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