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Powers Use of Masks of Power
Status Active
Locations Okoto

The Okotans, also known as islanders, are the primary inhabitants of Okoto.


A long time ago, the Mask Makers Ekimu and Makuta created Masks of Power for the Okotans, who used them to carve out their own livable niche in the island. Ekimu's masks grew to be favored by the Okotans for his good craftsmanship, which ignited feelings of resentment in his brother, leading to his betrayal.[1]

After the battle between Ekimu and Makuta, Ekimu was found in an eternal slumber by the era's Protectors, the leaders of the villagers, who heard the Prophecy of Heroes whispered from his body.[2]

Thousands of years later, the Skull Spiders began to invade the dwellings of the Okotans. The Protectors traveled to the Temple of Time, with Protector Nilkuu getting aid from the Jungle Tribe villager Bingzak, and recited the Prophecy, summoning the elemental heroes known as the Toa.[2] When the Toa landed on Okoto, the Okotans quickly came to their aid. Narmoto led his village to Tahu's landing site and told Tahu of his destiny. Soon after, several Skull Spiders began to attack, but Tahu effortlessly defeated them, awing the villagers. The Protectors then accompanied each Toa to find their Golden Masks of Power.[3] After the Toa and Protectors succeeded in defeating the Skull Army and awakening Ekimu, the Okotans were called to the City of the Mask Makers in order to make it their new home and continue to guard against evil.[4]

Some Okotans remained in their home regions, such as Melea and her two nephews, who remained in the Region of Stone. Melea's nephews were kidnapped by a hawk in the service of the Skull Raiders, but the Toa and Ekimu freed them.[5]

In the City of the Mask Makers, Narmoto gathered several Okotans in order to share the tale of the heroic exploits of the Toa, after which they saw the heroes emerge from Ekimu's forge with new masks and weapons.[6] Afterwards, the villagers were terrorized by an attacking group of Skull Spiders and Skull Warriors, but the Toa swiftly defeated them.[7]

When the Elemental Beasts attacked the city, several Okotans took up arms against them.[8] After the Toa defeated Makuta, Izotor told their story to several gathered Okotans.[9]

Abilities and Traits

The Okotans are divided into six tribes which inhabit the six regions on Okoto. They hold the Temple of Time as their most sacred place.

There are children among the Okotans, and the leadership of their villages is inherited by each new generation.

Masks and Tools

Okotan civilians wear solid-colored masks that are similar in shape to those of their leaders, the Protectors. The Protectors' masks are blended with a translucent color and have power over the Elements. The Protectors are also the only Okotans shown to carry weapons with elemental powers, while other Okotans carry ordinary weapons such as bows, axes, swords, and shields.[8]

Known Okotans

Narmoto's son


  • Okoto's current Protectors
  • Many former residents of the Region of Fire
    • Narmoto's son
    • A crowd of villagers who accompanied Narmoto to Tahu's landing site
    • A villager who helped fight the Elemental Beasts[8]
  • Many former residents of the Region of Ice
    • An expedition who became trapped in an abandoned city by Skull Spiders[10]
  • A villager with a bow and shield who helped guard the City of the Mask Makers[8]
  • An axe-carrying villager, one of four Okotans who fought the Elemental Beasts[8]
  • Many former residents of the Region of Jungle
    • Bingzak, a child from the Jungle Tribe who immigrated to the Region of Stone
    • Harvali, a female archaeologist of the Jungle Tribe
    • Several villagers who were controlled or menaced by Skull Spiders[10]
    • The residents of a Jungle Tribe village destroyed by Lava Beasts[8]
    • A villager who fought with sword and shield against the Elemental Beasts[8]
  • Many former and current residents of the Region of Water
    • A villager who helped defend the City of the Mask Makers[8]
  • Many former and current residents of the Region of Stone
    • Melea, a female Okotan of the Stone Tribe
    • Ako, one of Melea's nephews
    • Oda, another of Melea's nephews
  • Many former and current residents of the Region of Earth
    • A group of guardsmen who with Korgot witnessed Onua's arrival[10]


  • Okoto's Protectors at the time of Makuta's Betrayal
    • Agarak, former Protector of Jungle
    • Kerato, former Protector of Stone
    • Mamuk, former Protector of Fire[5]
    • Etoku, former Protector of Earth
    • Owaki, former Protector of Water
    • Uganu, former Protector of Ice[11]
  • Several ancient Okotans
    • The groundskeeper of the City of the Mask Makers[11][9]
    • Makuta's servant from the Stone Tribe
    • The Chief of Capital City from the Stone Tribe
    • Agarak's wife, of the Jungle Tribe
    • Agarak's son, of the Jungle Tribe
    • Numerous Okotans who attended the Festival of Masks
    • Numerous inhabitants of Capital City at the time of Makuta's betrayal[11]
Narmoto and his villagers recoiling from Tahu's appearance

Set Information

The six Protectors were released in January 2015 as small sets. Each set includes a Mask of Power and a Skull Spider. The Protector sets can each be combined with the Toa of their respective element to create a larger model.


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  • The groundskeeper from the time of Makuta's Betrayal wears orange amor in Battle of the Mask Makers, but wears purple armor in The Journey to One.
  • An advertisement in the LEGO Club Magazine mistakenly refers to the Okotans as "Matoran."[12]


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