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  • Ash Bear - Large bear-like Rahi.
    • Graalok - An Ash Bear that befriended Lewa.
  • Crystal Serpents - Serpents who live in Artakha's bays, mostly dormant.
  • Dweller in the Deep - A gigantic, fearsome Rahi that has a jaw big enough to swallow the Great Temple, though it chooses to live under it instead.
  • Energy Hound - Canine-like creatures with tracking sense.
  • Fenrakk - A large spider-like Rahi, which is native to Voya Nui. One specimen was enlarged, and forcibly fused to Vezon.
  • First Rahi - Massive, monstrous sea beasts created by the Great Beings.
  • Kane-Ra - A bull Rahi which is also known as the "Bull of Legends".
  • Kanohi Dragon - A legendary dragon Rahi that had Kanohi-shaped scales.
  • Kardas Dragon - A dragon Rahi that was transformed from an enlarged Fenrakk spider by the Ignika.
  • Keetongu - A large, wise, sentient Rahi that knows how to negate Hordika Venom.
  • Kikanalo - Massive rhino-like Rahi that live in the Sculpture Fields of Po-Metru. They also live on Voya Nui.
  • Krahka - A female sentient Rahi that can shapeshift. She is the only free member of her species.
  • Mana Ko - A legendary Rahi believed to be Teridax's ultimate guardian.
  • Manas - A giant crab known to serve Teridax.
  • Muaka - A tiger-like Rahi that can extend its neck forward to grab its prey.
  • Nui-Jaga - Large scorpions with stingers that can shoot venom.
  • Nui-Rama - A large flying insect Rahi. They created enormous, towering hives in the Le-Wahi jungle.
  • Protodites - Microscopic Rahi that escaped from the Archives.
  • Rahi Nui - A mutant Rahi created by the Brotherhood of Makuta.
  • Tahtorak - A massive forty-foot-tall Rahi that can speak Matoran. Its species is native to Zakaz and another island south of Metru Nui.
  • Tarakava - Lizard-like Rahi. Its long forelegs can deliver powerful punches to stun its prey.
  • The Mountain - A Rahi that was once a sentient rock and now has grown into a large Mountain.
  • Toa Terrain Crawler - A massive sea beast used by the Toa Mahri.
  • Ussal Crab - A crab Rahi that can be tamed and used for transportation, mining and sport.
  • Visorak - A species of intelligent spider-like creatures whose names mean "stealers of life" in their own tongue, created by Chirox. They can fire Rhotuka spinners with various powers, inject Hordika Venom, and create thick webs. They were led by Roodaka and Sidorak.


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