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"Beware of their stinger tails."
Onua, Island of Lost Masks

Skull Scorpios
Skull Creature
Mask Bull Skull Masks
Powers Energy absorption
Tools Gripping Pincers
Stinger and Hook Blades[1]
Status Defeated
Location Okoto
Set number 70794 Skull Scorpio (instructions)

Skull Scorpios are bestial Skull Creature scouts under the leadership of Kulta.


The Skull Scorpios were created by Kulta's dark power[1] and served him and the Lord of Skull Spiders.[2]

Onua fought Skull Scorpios in the Region of Earth, and Pohatu fought them in the Region of Stone.[3]

Two Skull Scorpios attacked the Toa after they emerged into the Graveyard in the City of the Mask Makers, stealing Pohatu's Golden Mask of Stone and defeating Gali, Tahu, and Onua. The Skull Scorpios pursued Lewa to the entrance to Ekimu's tomb, but Lewa sliced a stone monument on top of the tomb in half, crushing both Skull Scorpios with one of the pieces, though they survived.

After Kulta's defeat, when the Toa were rebuilding the tomb, Pohatu used his Stone powers to lift the stone monument out from the Skull Scorpios, unintentionally freeing them. Kopaka froze the Skull Scorpios, and then he and Gali pushed them out of the city, making them fall into its chasm.[2]

Abilities and Traits

The stinger of a Skull Scorpio

Skull Scorpios have the ability to extract elemental power from Masks of Power by wearing them.

Skull Scorpios often travel in small packs. They are sneaky and patient, willing to wait for days before launching the perfect strike.[1]

Mask and Tools

The Skull Scorpios wear Bull Skull Masks.

Each Skull Scorpio has two pincers and a venomous stinger tail featuring two Hook Blades.[1]

Set Information

Skull Scorpio Set
Skull Scorpio

70794 Skull Scorpio was released as one of the sets in the August 2015 product wave.


  • In BIONICLE: The Journey to One, the Skull Scorpios were referred to as Skull Scorpions.[4]
  • Concept art indicated that at one point they were going to be named Skullpions.[5]


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