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Age 14
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Height 5'something, haven't measured myself in a while
Nationality American, British
Character(s) Pohatu, Vezon, Gresh, Ackar, Jaller
Set(s) Rockoh T3, Axalara T9, Vorox, Atakus, Gelu
Color(s) Blue
Food(s) Chocolate
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Comic6Cover.png Clash of the Titans, BIONICLE-style.
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Due to HW issues, I will not be able to edit as much as I used to be able to. However, I will stay around and try to edit where and when I can.

<countdown time="5/11/2012 11:30 AM UTC-0500"> I will be 17 in <D> days, <H> hours, <M> minutes and seconds! </countdown>

"Toa! Hey, that’s great. I always wanted to be a Toa. Just one question: what’s a Toa?" — Pohatu, after first being awakened.

My sets:

(The ones with * are my favorite characters of that year. The ones with a^ are my favorite set of that year)


  • Mata Nui and Metru Nui 12-22, 23, 25,
  • Quest For The Ignika 0-5, 7-10, 12-15,
  • Glatorian 1-6


  • Chronicles 1-3
  • MoL Novelisation
  • Adventures 1, 8,9
  • Legends 3, 7-11
  • Raid on Vulcanus


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 |-___ | ___-|
|___ / | \ ___|
|===|  |  |===|
|__ | /|\ | __|

Don't remember who made these for me. If you did, please tell me and I will give you credit. Thanks to Lord Oblivion for the pic up top.

Favorite characters:


Greetings, humans, aliens, Matoran, and teenagers. I am Toavezon, Lord of Randomness, Insanity, Craziness, and Pi(e). I am also known as tustin1804 on MLN. In reality, I am a 14-year-old boy who was born on May 11, 1995. I live in the US. I am slightly insane (in a good way) and I love humor, BIONICLE, Warriors, BIONICLe, Beatles music, BIONICLE, Doctor Who, BIONICLE, reading, especially fiction, and BIONICLE. I mainly just help around here and try to improve pages as much as I can.

Pages I greatly improved:

Pages I nominated in the AfC:


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This award has been granted to Toavezon for being a good friend. May you continue to bring Wiki-Nui much joy!


--PenaltySender! My Penalties 14:15, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

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teh warriors award

This award has ben given to Toavezon for liking the warriors series

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The Toa Jala Thanks Award
This award has been given to ToaVezon by Toa Jala for answering some of my questions because I was too lazy to get a BZP account. Thanks!
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  • Vezon's line in ROS about being a Toa of Anarchy has nothing to do with my username, even though I am great at being annoying.
  • The reason I only have Gali Mata's Kaukau is because a friend gave me some BIONICLE pieces he didn't want anymore. that's why I only have a Kaukau, Aqua Axe, Nuva arm, and foot.
  • This user loves to MOC