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Important Notice
Pay your last respects to Matoro here.

If there were a "Time tribe" on Spherus Magna, there would also be a "Time Lord" XD.

I secretly hope Artakha is a Time Lord.

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Toa Solice
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Courtesy of Oratam, Thank you!
BS01 Status
Usual Online Time 1:00-5:00
BZP Name Son of Artakha
Online Jobs Temple of Matoro caretaker
Age 13
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Nationality Canadian
Character(s) Kopaka
Set(s) Mata Nui
Color(s) Silver
Food(s) Pizza
Current Location Southern Island Stronghold
Current Mission End Teridax's reign done :)
Use the force Matoro!!
Mommy the giant potion worked!
This user is fighting Teridax for the freedom of the Matoran Universe
What it feels like to chew 5 Gum.
<-Lol goatee!


I was born on Febuary 2, 1996. My you can call me Groundhog. I have been a BIONICLE fan since 2001-present. My first set was Toa Mata Onua. Most of my sets have fallen victim to MOCing. I have given life to three MOC's Toa Kopeke, Toa Solice, and a toa of air I don't know what to name. Visit my quick-speak to name him!

Toa name vote

Toa Makina: 2
Toa Defilak: 2
Toa Sogenth: 0
Shihkin: 1

My Awards


Random Act of Kindness Award
This award has been presented to Toa Solice as a random act of kindness.

The Randomness Award
This award has been randomly given to Toa Solice by Toa Jala for his supreme randomness.




Vahki? Ha! I eat Vahki for breakfast.
external image I reject your reality and substitute my own!
This user loves to carve.
This user can beat you up without touching you!
This user can speak Matoran.
Na na na na na na na, can't touch this!
Lazy Darkhunters
This user steals shadows.
This user thinks ahkmou would make a bad shadow toa :-P.
This user lives inside Teridax.
Hmmm... would this work with a bananna?
Onua's failed attempt at being fired out of a canon.
Execute order sixty-six.
Okay Lewa, NOT FUNNY!!
How Gali gets revenge.
Lewa vomits mid-flight.
Hey that's mine!
Disco time!!!!!!
Disc o' time!!!!!!
Stop! That tickles!.
Goodness Gracious, great balls o' Water!
CSI:Voya Nui
Join the dark side... we have cookies!
This user has read Blades of Nuparu's Core War Contest Entry, Shatter Point!

Randomest Movie Ever!

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Courtesy of ~Nuparu1995

Wall of Movies

<videoflash>M_PPP7i2bj0</videoflash> <videoflash>vKyCFx2UGH4</videoflash> <videoflash>uCh5BfIclys</videoflash> <videoflash>LYGB9ZyEEpU</videoflash> <videoflash>dpfNrl6RIvM</videoflash>

My Favourite Quotes

"I will return"
Mata Nui, Mata Nui Rising

"Everything ends eventually... and sometimes, you're not sure why."
Mazeka, Brothers in Arms

"I'm already tired of the sight of you ... Not to mention the smell."
Vezon, Inferno

"That body made of multiple little pieces thing is a neat trick. Must be lousy when you sneeze, though."
— Tahu to Zaktan, Island of Doom

"...we're going to do a Pohatu on him."
"A Pohatu?"
"That's right. When in doubt, smash everything and hope you're somewhere else when it all goes boom.
— Tahu to Kopeke, Reign of Shadows

"Friends? Zyglak don't have friends... just meals they haven't eaten yet."
Vezon, Federation of Fear

"Hydraxon??? But... you're dead. You died in the earthquake that set us free from our prison!"
"I got better."
— Nocturn and Hydraxon, Battle in the Deep!

"If you see someone's head just suddenly go flying off for no reason, it's not your imagination."
Jerbraz, Brothers In Arms

My Q&A

Q: Why is the Mask of life so small??

A: The mask of life has been on fire twice so far. 1-Leaving Aqua Magna's, 2-Entering Bara Magna's Atmosphere

Q: What is Mata Nui's mission?

A: I don't know. Maybe fix Spherus Magna? I was right.


  • I am like a real-life Artakha. All of my Toa, Makuta, Matoran, blah, blah, blah... (falls asleep) What?! oh! ...are treated with respect and if a piece is cracked I order in to replace one.
  • Toa Solice is one of my MOCs
  • Toa Solice wears the Great mask of Imitation. It can copy the powers and appearance of any Kanohi known to the user.
  • The Great mask of Imitation has no default form. It just copies the mask of it's creator until it is used.
  • Must eat PIE!
  • Toa Solice can channel light if he decides to make his mask imitate the Avohkii.
  • Toa Solice can channel life if he decides to make his mask imitate the Ignika.
  • Toa Solice does not use his mask to copy the Ignika in fear of being cursed or starting a countdown to end the Matoran Universe
  • I originally intended Toa Solice to be a Toa of Twilight
  • Life is cooler than time.
  • I can sing Gravity Hurts!
  • This user likes to watch CSI:NY
  • This user likes to watch CSI:Crime Scene Investigation




~Toa Solice

~Toa Solice

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Toa Solice

Toa Solice

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Toa Solice

Toa Solice