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BS01 Status

Due to school, I will usually be on for 10 minutes or so during school days, hardly enough for me to find an edit, and I also have to do productive things on the computer now....XD But I'll be on a lot during the weekends.

Usual Online Time When I can.
BZP Name PenaltySender
BZP Status Armored Protector
Online Jobs N/A
Age 27
Gender Boy
Height 5'8"
Nationality China (I live in the US)
Radio Show National Public Radio/WFSQ
Favorite Genre of Music Classical/Game
Game Systems Wii, GC, GameBoy SP, PC (no PC games)
Wii Games Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Play, Wii Sports, Blazing Angels: Squadrons of World War II, Lego Star Wars III: The Complete Saga (temporarily, it's a friend's, but I'm completing it for him), Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Thrillville: Off the Rails, The Monkey King, SimCity Creator, and Cocoto Magic Circus.

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Well, I am a regular 13-year-old kid in Florida (due to the privacy policy, I will not release my city, but I don't think there are any BS01 or BZP members where I live, anyway.) named Alex. :P

In Real Life

I'm just a 13-year-old guy that loves math. I also like reading , watchin' TV, playing video games, surfing the Internet, etc., all the things a teen would like to do.

My School Life: I'm currently in the 8th grade, and I'm a band member in my school's Symphonic Band (go band!). I play the Bb clarinet (which I am very awesome at, and that's not just coming from me or any kids my age), but I play piano at home. I'm also a member of our school's math competition team, which I'll be competing in Geometry.

Math Comp (Mu Alpha Theta and Others): I've won two competitions so far, a regional competition (where I only missed one question) and a state competition (where I got a perfect score). I've never placed less than 7th on a MAO competition. I may not be the best at MathCounts (I'm a lot better now), since I got 11th at last year's regional. Yeah. Bad. At the National rocket City Math League, I got tenth in the U.S.! For the Florida 7th grade Math League, I got first place in the state, missing only one question. I'll report further comp results later.

Reading: I can't list all the books here, since I've read so many. I've taken a break now, devoting more to non-fiction. But I'm still a fan of Star Wars and other series. However, I suffer from depression and endless speculation when I finish a series XD.

TV: I'm not listing all my fav shows here, since there are too many. But some are: House, NCIS, Flashpoint, Big Bang Theory, Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Mythbusters, Two and a Half Men, Castle, and Wipeout, just to mention a few...

Video Games: For my Wii Brawl and Mario Kart Wii numbers, you may contact me at my email.

BS01 History: Well, I first made my account in April of '08, but was inactive for over a year, a little longer than my hiatus on BZPower around the same time. I've come back on in the recent weeks, and so I've forgotten a lot of things, but I'm learning them, including Wiki-Code, which is a good start for HTML, which is a good start for other types of coding languages (my parents are both IT professionals, who do C# and C++). I'm attempting to get familiar with everybody and stuff, and trying to edit to the best of my abilities, but I seriously doubt my abilities....-_-

School Schedule
Just a trivial fact, but:

1. Honors Geometry
2. Math Competitons Class
3. Physics and Chemistry (or just "Physical Science")
4. Language Arts
5. Symphonic Band
6. US and World History
7. Graphic Arts


My BS01 Friends!
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<videoflash>M_PPP7i2bj0</videoflash> This. Is. Hilarious. Period.

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This award was granted to PenaltySender by Omega Blademan for being a new member! Let's start editing now, shall we PenaltySender? Oh, here's some cake, but it's a lie. And so is the "Picture". XD - Blade

My New Member award from Omega Blademan. My first award.

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Awards I Give Out

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Non-Bionicle Quotes

"Welcome to BS01. We consider your edits to be idiotic, pointless and complete blasphemy. Therefore, please go and rot in a hole."
— Bioran23's comment, when editing Template:EditingWarning

"Oops! Well, at least my hands won't be getting acne anytime soon..."
— Me, when I accidentally used the wrong soap when washing my hands...XD

"Super-sensitive already means extremely sensitive. So they have extremely-extremely sensitive hearing? XP"
— My comment on the "extremely super-sensitive" part on the Sonics article (which has been altered)

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