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Hey! I'm back! I decided to go to BZpower for a while, and I still hang and read around here.

Toa kanas

My name,Toa Kanas is from a figure I built, but the figure's pic IS my main user picture, . So far, I have gotten a lot of help from other

users who have been quite helpful.External ImageToa Kanas(Talk to me here :P/What I did to help you)

Toa Kanas
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BS01 Status New User
Usual Online Time One Hour
BZP Name Toa Kanas
BZP Status New User
Online Jobs Unemployed
Age unlimited
Gender Male
Height 5'1"
Nationality Canadian
AFC BZP TSFTMOL...? This User Uses JMSOG's Dictionary of Abbreviations
This user edits piece by piece.
This User's Favorite Toa of Air is Lewa.
This User's Favorite Toa of Stone is Pohatu.
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This user has a pet rock.
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>8^( This user hates the Over-usage of the word Epic.

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My Favorite Quotes

" I'm not short, i'm Vertically Challenged."

— Me

"You cannot destroy me, for I am nothing."

— Teridax to the Toa Mata, Mata Nui Online Game

"My armor's black. That doesn't mean my heart is as well."

— Toa Nuva Onua, Swamp of Secrets

"Are you going to help, or play in the sand?"

— Crotesius, Riddle of the Great Beings

"My name is...ah...Toa Vezon. I'm the Toa of...of..Anarchy."

— Vezon to Tarduk, Reign of Shadows

"I say we go left."


"Because we hardly ever go left."

— Matau and Vakama, Voyage of Fear

"We go right."


"Because I remember what happened the last time we went left."

— Matau and Nuju, Maze of Shadows

"Putting all five Piraka in one tank seems like a dangerous idea. What if they start killing each other?"

"Who cares? They're creeps anyway."

— Someone to GregF on BZP

My Freinds

if you like Warriors, you may be moi chum.(Redwall books too)

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Best Bionicle Videos

Hero and Bionicle 2001 Episode 4 <videoflash>ulrkmzW7hMI|300|250</videoflash> <videoflash>7acXjDKZbtc|300|250</videoflash>

Just wait a bit, they will come!


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Toa Kanas has been given this award for being my friend. Thanks, and have a nice day!>~Bigtoas

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teh warriors award

This award has ben given to Toa Kanas for liking the warriors series

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Rayg 2.5

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External Image i made this.

Credit to LegoLover-361 for a couple of these little things.And Inerrayg of course!

(plus anyone who did a Chimoru sprite sheet)

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