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Toa Mata Nui
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BS01 Status Active but not on often
Usual Online Time Random
BZP Name BS01 Toa Mata Nui (or seen as): Dragonfly the Luminescent
BZP Status Can't remember ...
Gender I'z not gonna tell
Height Ditto
Nationality How much time do you have?
Character(s) Jaller, Kongu, Hahli, Matoro, Nuparu, Hewkii, Axonn, Kapura, Takanuva, Click, Toa Mata Nui, Vezon
Set(s) The Bohrok
Color(s) Blues and Greens
Food(s) Pizza, CHOCOLATE
Mask(s) Great Olmak, Noble Ruru, Great Matatu, Great Mahiki, Great Hau, Great Kaukau Nuva, the Ignika as depicted from VNOG and BIONICLE Heroes
Movie(s) AVATAR
Therioes It's not much of one, but I predict that Mata Nui, in some way, shape or form, will come back with Makuta butt-kicking action!

Hey, if Pahrak-Kal melted through the island of Mata Nui, and sank to the core of Aqua Magna, shouldn't Mata Nui's giant robot body have a hole going straight through his head?

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Title Toa Mata Nui
Element Life
Primary Group The Fellowship of LNU
Mask Ignika
Tools Click
Status Anticipating LNU's new comics!
Pronunciation TOE-ah MAH-tah NOO-ee

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"In the time before time, the Great Spirit descended from the heavens carrying we, the ones called the Matoran, to this paradise. We were separate, and without purpose, so the Great Spirit illuminated us with the Three Virtues: Unity, Duty ... and Destiny. We embraced these gifts and in gratitude, we named our island home, Mata Nui, after the Great Spirit himself. But our happiness was not to last ... for Mata Nui's brother, the Makuta, was jealous of these honors and betrayed him, casting a spell over Mata Nui, who fell into a deep slumber. The Makuta was free to unleash his shadows ... and unleash them, he did ... "
A wise Turaga

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External ImageToa Mata Nui

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Favored Quotes

Toa Inika Quotes

"They will brave the lightning ... they will walk through the fire ... they will stare into the eyes of evil ... and if they waver even once, they will die."
Toa Krakua, Time Trap

Hahli's Quotes

"Is that what heroes are, I wonder? Beings who do what they have to do, because they have no other choice?"
— Hahli, Power Play

"Back off, or I will personally teach you the meaning of 'dead in the water'!"
— Hahli to Hydraxon, Downfall

"I am not of the Pit, I am of the sea. I learned the ways of water from Turaga Nokama and Toa Gali Nuva. The ocean shelters me, heals me ... and obeys me."
— Hahli, Prisoners of the Pit

"You know, Jaller always used to say that Toa were invincible, because the things they stand for -- unity, duty, and destiny -- are invincible. Oh, we had seen them injured, even defeated temporarily, but somehow they -- we -- always stood to fight again. Even in the worst moments, I thought surely we would win out and return home again. That's what Toa do, isn't it? That's what heroes do."
— Hahli to Kopeke, Downfall

"Only his body is over there. His spirit is floating in the air over here, and no, I don't know how it happened. Matoro thinks it has something to do with his mask. He says there are five Matoran not far away who are looking for us."
"How does he know?"
"Um, well, he says he flew through the mountains ... straight through the rock, like it wasn't there ... and he saw them ... but they couldn't see or hear him.
Toa Inika Hahli and Jaller, Power Play

Jaller's Quotes

"Danger is the anvil on which trust is forged."
— Jaller, Bohrok Online Animations

"You can never have too much security."
— Jaller, Mata Nui Online Game

"Nothing gets past the Captain of the Guard ... unless he wishes it."
— Jaller to Hahli, Mask of Light

"Fine, but I won't give up. I'll find the Seventh Toa whether you're the true herald or not!"
— Jaller to Takua, Mask of Light

"When did you become 'Hahli the Barbarian'?"
— Jaller, Prisoners of the Pit

"Times like this, I could really use a Mask of Shielding. Before all is said and done, I am going to get my old mask back -- the one Karzahni took from me -- even if I have to go back there by myself. It dishonors Lhikan's memory just to let it be lost. Plus, I am really, really, tired of dodging."
— Jaller's thoughts, Inferno

"We didn't come all this way ... fight all these fights ... just to lose."
— Jaller to Vezon, Inferno

"Give it up, or some lucky Rahi will be having boiled Barraki for dinner."
— Jaller to Mantax, The Death of Mata Nui

"If we are no more than frightened little beings who must be protected -- hostages and victims for every foe we encounter -- then we are a weakness. We benefit no one, not the Toa Nuva, not ourselves. I will not let helplessness and fear be the legacy of the Matoran."
Jaller, Island of Doom

Quotes about or from Matoro

"Come, my friends -- let us go and celebrate a Ko-Matoran who became a Toa ... and a Toa who saved a universe."
Turaga Vakama, Death of a Hero

"He carries a heavy burden. To know so many secrets and be forbidden to share with his friends, even when that knowledge might benefit them. In that way, Matoro has the strength of a Toa."
— Turaga Nuju, Maze of Shadows

"As soon as I realized I wore a mask that let me reanimate the dead, I should have cast it aside, I never should have used it."
— Matoro, Into the Darkness

"Shut up! I'm doing only what I have to do to save the life of Mata Nui, a life you put in jeopardy."
"Think what you like, little Toa -– and try to avoid admitting to yourself that you are one bad day, one moment of cruelty, one fit of rage away from being me.
— Matoro and Teridax, Into the Darkness

"[...] being a Toa isn't about who's strongest or toughest or has the best mask power. It's about spirit. And by that measure, you are a great Toa."
— Jaller, Downfall

"Use your eyes! Look around! [...] The end is coming, Hydraxon, even as we stand here talking, and everything that lives can sense it. And now everything comes down to one mask and one Toa -- me -- and maybe I'm just not up to being a hero. So you take it. You save the universe."
— Matoro to Hydraxon, Downfall

"He never thought he was a true Toa-hero ... But he turned out to be the greatest of us all."
— Kongu, Death of a Hero

"Sometimes a hero has to do something else besides beat the villains and come home covered in glory. Sometimes, he has to make a sacrifice so that a lot of people -- people he's never met before, and who don't know his name -- can live."
— Hahli to Kopeke, Downfall

Nuparu's Quotes

"As soon as he had returned the Kanohi to his face, the light went out. "That was strange," he said, his inventor's curiosity piqued.
"That was your face," answered Hewkii.
"Very funny," said Nuparu. "You're no vision of beauty yourself, Hewkii.
— Nuparu and Hewkii, BIONICLE Legends 3: Power Play

"Remember that time I was hanging upside down in a swamp hole, just above some hungry mud crawlers," said Nuparu. "You know, the ones with the acidic tongues and the breath that smells like Tarakava that's been out in the sun too long?"
"Sure, what about it?" answered Kongu."
"Nuparu sighed. "Those were the good old days, huh?
— Nuparu and Kongu, Inferno

"Oh, I've been crazy for years ... Ask anyone."
— Nuparu to Zaktan, Showdown

"Well, I've always wondered what it would be like to become a Toa. Somehow, I never pictured blinding features and moving masks. Think we can get a do-over?"
— Nuparu, Power Play

Hewkii's Quotes

"It's Gadunka. Too bad we don't have any of those explosive Madu fruit like on our old island. I could teach him to play fetch."
— Hewkii, Downfall

"Wow, you make Kongu look handsome."
— Hewkii to Gadunka, Downfall

"I'm not sure I want to know what my mask does. It might turn me into a Le-Matoran or something."
— Hewkii, Power Play

"Nobody picks a fight using my city, then tells me to stay out of it. Nobody!"
— Hewkii, Dwellers In Darkness

"Hey, a Toa of Stone ought to be able to make something sink like a rock, right?"
— Hewkii, Prisoners of the Pit

Kongu's Quotes

"Kongu, fastest Leaf-Runner! Everquick pilot! Weaver, mapmaker! Le-Koro Matoran!"
— Kongu, Mata Nui Online Game

"But destiny, for whatever reason, gave me this mask. There has to be a reason for that."
"Destiny has a sense of humor?"
"I think I am supposed to have it. I'm not going to give it up yet. Besides, flying's kind of fun."
"Wonderful. They can deep-carve that on our memorial stones -- 'But at least Nuparu had fun.'
— Nuparu and Kongu, Power Play

"Five of us, 5000 of them. I like your idea of fair odds, Hahli."
— Kongu to Hahli,

"Just once -- Just once! -- I'd like to take a trip-walk without someone trying to kill me!"
— Kongu, Prisoners of the Pit

"We need a plan."
"Would screaming and running count? 'Cause that seems like a really good plan right now.
— Matoro and Kongu, Dark Destiny

Other Quotes

"I will do what must be done. Then I will be like Matoro. I will be a hero."
Toa Ignika, The Final Battle

"Come on! Where's the thunder? Where's the lightni--We can go in the house now!"
— Me, anticipating a lightning storm and being scared half to death when the lightning suddenly lit up the sky

"If you see someone's head just suddenly go flying off for no reason, it's not your imagination."
Jerbraz to Mazeka, Brothers In Arms

"Spherus Magna, the Shattering. The three that must be one; the two that must make them one."
Brutaka, Destiny War

"Who wants toast?!"
"I like 'em crispy!
— Marcus and Dom, Gears of War 2

"It's what you're doing to them that matters. Takadox says stop. He doesn't want them slaughtered ... yet. Says they have something we want."
"Yes. Lives. Breath. Futures. All of which I am going to take from—"
"What did I say? Did I say, 'Ehlek go ahead?' I didn't hear myself say that."
"You said ... not to kill ... our enemies. Water ... has rotted ... your brain.
Carapar and Ehlek, City of the Lost

"If the snow is white, then it's alright. Yellow or green, it's just not clean. I learned that one the hard way."
— One of Kota's babbles, Brother Bear

"Obitor, if you leave, you will be dead to me. T_T XP"
*force-chokes N'95* "I'M. NOT. LEAVING. I'M. JUST. TAKING. A. BREAK. *releases* XD"
"(Sniff) From now on, when somebody is leaving but isn't sure, I'm going to say: "Hey don't pull an Obitor on me now." XD jk. I know you'll never leave
— Nuparu1995, Obtior, and Grant-Sud respectively

"Whoever said anything was possible obviously hasn't tried slamming a revolving door."

"(Seanp12): "'02 fans FTW!"
(Obitor): "Nein, '04 fans F.T.W."
(Me): "You all don't know what you're talking about XD. '06 FANS FTW. "
(Lecro): "'07 fans FTW."
(Megan51): "'03 fans FTW!"
(Dark Light): "'09 Fans FTW"
(Creep): "WAT'CHU MEAN!?
08 FTW"
(TA): '01 fans FTW!
— Opinions aired while nominating images

"Earth? What a terrible name for a planet. Might as well call it, Dirt. Planet Dirt."
— Jetfire, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

"Just so you know," Axonn added, "Brutaka's his own 'we' these days. Long story."
Axonn. Reign of Shadows

"(Swert): "!) @! !( @)_@# !% !$ $ % !* ( !$ &_@# * !%_!* % !# % !# @ % !* !(_@) * ( !(.!@ % ! @@ %_!_!$ !% @) %_!% !$_@) * %_!# ! ( !$_!^ ! & %_@) ! !@ !!_( ^_@% !% @!_# ! !$_!* % ! $_( @). Swert."
(Saphire Shadow): "Why did he just vandalize the main page?"
(Kraahlix): "He does stuff sometimes.
— A few of us were wondering the same thing ...

"I think I know the answer to life on BS01: Stay low, don't smash anything, and don't make the staff mad. MOSTLY don't make the staff mad."
Zale, thinking about BS01

"You ... imbeciles. You ignorant stone apes ... is this how you try to save existence?"
Artakha, Reign of Shadows

"Seven feet tall," Though Mata Nui, "I really hate being short."
Toa Mata Nui, Journey's End

"A turn to the left instead of the right, a wound received or avoided, rising from slumber an hour too early or too late ... these are the little things lifetimes hinge on, Mazeka. Your Teridax took a step on a path that circumstances allowed me to avoid. If circumstances had been different, who knows?"
— Alternate Teridax, Reign of Shadows

"It got in the way of my sword," he said, smiling. "It won’t do that again."
— Ackar after saving Kiina, Journey's End

"There," said Teridax, pointing to the north. "And there," he added, gesturing toward the west. "Oh, and there’s some over there," he finished, casually glancing to the east. "His mask was shattered. I thought he might like to join it."
Mazeka chuckled.
"You know, Toa wouldn’t approve of this ... they don’t kill."
Teridax shrugged.
"Very noble ... but considering the state of this universe, maybe they should have bent the rules a little more."
— Mazeka and Alternate Teridax, Journey's End


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Ripley fights Momma alien
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