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Due to the complication of having to post my comics in two places, all my comics can be found at the link at the bottom of the page. thank you.
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"Lewa, mystery-king of know-nothingness. That's me!"
— Lewa

RHG This user is a Knight of the RHG Table.

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BS01 Status Battling makuta and stubs!
Usual Online Time long periods.
BZP Status Toa
Online Jobs this'n rite heh.
Age 14
Gender boy
Height 5' 8
Nationality USA!USA!
Character(s) Lewa. DUH!
Set(s) Axlara T9
Color(s) Green
Food(s) I like to put strawberries on my sugar and whip cream on ocasion.
books the inheritance series, the ember series
hobbies Bionicle building, stop motion animation, and of course, sprite comic making! check em out!
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LNU celebrate's his 17th in:

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I want to get somthing cleared up. The reason my name is LNU is because my favorite toa is Lewa mistika and TNU had a cool name so I thought it would make a good name for me. so I pay all rights of my name to you, TNU. So yeah, thanks much.


Strength: 15
Agility: 20
Toughness: 17
Mind: 16

some stuff about me

I realy haven't done anything that someone has said, "OMG, that is amazing!". But I am going into the ninth grade, and I am home schooled, which explains how I can edit early in the morning. I have about 12 bionicle sets, and have had more, but they're broken now. for an english asignment, I made a travel brocure for Bara Manga. I am a star scout in boy scout troop 62. and I have earned the meritorious award in awana. ( which actualy a lot of people have said, "OMG, that is amazing!".) and before you say to me I should try to be normal, let me just say, "Nope, and thats why I'm not. I'M SPECIAL!!!


here are the comics in my series:

Please note if you can't get to my comics through the link, it may be because the file is not yet public. (sighs and shrugs)

Lewa on the Axalara T9.
Lewa as a Phantoka.
Lewa Mata.
Lewa Nuva.

Musician.png Do you like waffles!? YEAH WE LIKE WAFFLES!!!

External ImageDrive on, you fool!

Lewa air.PNG|Lewa Nuva Unleashed.

KarzahniNew.PNG|Me thinks I need to go on a diet...

Comic Matoran Kongu.PNG Comic Ehlek.PNG Set Toa Nuva Lewa Phantoka.PNG

Until I can figure out how to put a brick shelf image on this site, you can veiw my most favourite mocks here: dsc08075.jpg = A special Gresh. s'got silvery armor n' stuff. I thoght it was pretty kewl... fire_agori.jpg = A random fire agori. or mabey an elemental somthin'... lnu.jpg = THE ONE, THE ONLY, LNU!!!!!!!!!!! My entry for the 2010 Bionicle Glatorian contest. dsc09058.jpg

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Title Matoran of air
Element Air
Primary Group The Fellowship of LNU
Mask Miru
Tools Adament Axe
Status Alive an' kicken'
Pronunciation EHL-en-you

Top 5 movies:

  • 1.Indiana Jones:and the Temple of the Chrystal Skull.
  • 2.Iron Man
  • 3.Spider Man 2
  • 4.Invader Zim: the Nightmare Begins
  • 5.Bionicle 3

No. 1 song

please note that this may not always be correct. but I will try to update it as needed.

  • You give love a bad name, Bon Jovi

for a better veiw of my taste of music, here are a list of my favourite artists:

  • Reliant K
  • Crazy Frog
  • Queen (not all their songs, but the good ones.)
  • Skillet
  • Daft Punk
  • Weird Al

but show me any sort of rock or techno music or parody music, and I will probably like it.


My lurvely sig provided by Avlok and TNU:) I added the pic of course though: Lewa Nuva Unleashed External Image

Now, modifcations of said Sig:

I is so creative. XD

And mah Pinkie sig!


Here are all my freinds... Scholar TNU Avlok Emporer Tren Krom (Speak!!/Sand)~Nuparu1995 --CHUCK THE TOA OF CRAZINESS!CRAZY TALK!External Image--Dorek (Talk| Contribs)~Bigtoas External Image | My talkpage-My sandbox | External Image


"You summoned that thing. Can't you make it go away?"

"The mask doesn't work that way. But I can summon something else to fight it."
Hahli and Kongu.

"Okay first of all don't play the claranet. second never wave your flashlight back and forth."

"Flashlights are there natural prey."
"your kidding!!"
"Don't stomp around they take that as a challenge. and don't eat cheese."
"sliced or cubed?"
"cubed. sliced is fine. and never wear a sombrero," "in a goofy fasion." "or clown shoes." "Or a hoop-skirt." "and never," "Never," "NEVER!" "DAH!" "SCREECH LIKE A CHIMPANZEE!!!."
— Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward.

" I said block him, not get trampled by his mount "

" "Hmm... I dont think we're in Karda Nui anymore. Maybe if I click my red feet together three times and wish real hard..." "
Vultraz, Brothers-in-arms

"Money can't by happiness... unless your buying videogames or Bionicles. In which case, it can!"
— Me

"I am so bad with money, my wallet was stolen and my credit score actually went UP. Then the theif called me and he was like, "Dude, you have to get your finaces in order. You have no cash, your cards are maxed out, you don't even have minutes on your calling card. I had to use MY card to call YOU. "
— Mike birbiglia, comedian.

"Ohz noez! It is teh zamorzors!" (WHAP!)"
— Piruk, avaks zamor lancher instructions, by SPIRIT


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from Nuparu1995 for being his freind. ^

Lewa.png Toa Obitor gives Lewa Nuva Unleashed this Award/Userbox as thanks for letting him Guest Star in LNU's Comics! Thanks, man!

From Obitor for allowing him to GS in my comic ^

This has been given to LNU for earning the right to be in my fellowship. A happy sing-song day for you, LNU! from Lewa Nuva Unleashed

My award :) ^

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from nuparu1995, cuz I like mphg. ^

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from Kanohi Zatth, for joining the knights of the RHG table. ^

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Toa Duran's Award of Gratitude
For helping me in any way, shape, or form, LNU is presented with this Award of Gratitude. Just don't fall into the Pit of Despair, ere the other side you see!

from Toa Duran, fer bein his freind.

It's my Monkey and I need it now!!! Award
This award has been given to LNU for his extreme dislike of irrelevant things and because he hates said commercial... and for likeing monkeys!

ETK and my award, we both made it. (we were brain-storming awards, and I came up with it and he coded it

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from renddslow, cuz he accidentally gave it to me, and I got to keep it :)

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Spoiler Warning

Welcome to the BIONICLEsector01 Wiki. Although everyone is welcome to contribute constructively to this Wiki, at least one of your recent edits contained prohibited spoilers. Please note that... Thank you.

I got this cuz I mentioned the new sets. I knew it was coming...

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HOLY KAUKAU!! I FINALY FIGURED OUT HOW TO CODE THEM!!! anyway, these ones are not made by me: <videoflash>R8_o1S_lHPY</videoflash><videoflash>j3L5PTzXlGU</videoflash><videoflash>2XZN2i2ZGR4</videoflash><videoflash>fSpKz1FwaE4</videoflash>

And these were made by me: <videoflash>3vXhHFgLYzM</videoflash><videoflash>oQBQhyuLsEY&NR</videoflash><videoflash>nu8adqgBrug</videoflash><videoflash>n8_Zyw7ZR-A</videoflash>


a video so awsome, it needs a space of it's own. (not made by me) <videoflash>WNI-mIvCOko</videoflash>


  • I have a trivia section :P
  • I own on SSBB with: sonic, link, toon link, ike, wolf, fox, meta knight, and lukas. PK... STAR-STORM!!!!
  • ETK's little brother is better than him at SSBB. O_o
  • I've read all the Bionicle serials.
  • Star Wars: the force unleashed and SSBB ROCK!!! (common knowledge...)
  • I know how to get Roy on SSBB


season 1 season 2