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About a combination of Brutaka/Antidermis quotes:

"Spherus Magna, The Shattering. The three that must be one; the two that must make them one."

-'The Three' - Bara Magna, Aqua Magna, and Bota Magna

-'The One' - Spherus Magna

-'The Two' - Mata Nui and (possibly) Tren Krom or Teridax

"He must remember, he must be made to see, or the journey of 100,000 years will be for nothing. He hides beneath, preparing to meet his destiny. We must go there, we must right the wrong. So many wrongs before The Shattering can end."

-'He' - Mata Nui

-'Journey of 100,000 years' - from Spherus Magna around the universe

-'He hides beneath' - either Mata Nui (because he is underneath Metru Nui), or the Prototype Robot on Bara Magna

-'His destiny' - healing Spherus Magna

-'The wrong' - Teridax taking over

-'There' - the place beneath Metru Nui from where Mata Nui controls the Matoran Universe

"The three must be one. This universe must live so that a world can be whole once more."

-'The Three' - Bara Magna, Aqua Magna, and Bota Magna

-'A world' - Spherus Magna

Favorite Quotes

"Mata Nui tells me I've got awesome 'Toa' powers — whatever those are — but none of you will let me test them out."
Gresh, The Legend Reborn

"Four to one? Didn't I teach you better than that? It's not fair unless it's six to one."
Vastus, Raid on Vulcanus

"The evil on this island is about to learn that justice can be very ... cold."
Kopaka, The Coming of the Toa

"Oh, I've been crazy for years... Ask anyone."
Nuparu to Zaktan, Showdown

"I'm not sure I want to know what my mask does. It might turn me into a Le-Matoran or something."
Hewkii, Power Play

"I am a Toa-hero, here to save you from ... whatever it is you need saving from."
Lewa, Shadows in the Sky

"Stop speaking in riddles! If you have nothing useful to say, get out of our way."
Crotesius to Surel, Riddle of the Great Beings

"Horror is looking into the eyes of the Shadowed One, knowing you are about to die ... and then being forced to live. Horror is waking each day to see every part of your body moving on its own, a shifting mass of Protodites where once was solid metal and living tissue. Horror is what is in the eyes of your partners when they look at you ... and in the cries of your enemies when your swarm engulfs them. Don't talk to me about fear, creature--I am fear!"
Zaktan to Irnakk, Inferno

"So who are you, exactly?"
"My name is... ah... Toa Vezon. I'm the Toa of... of... Anarchy."
Tarduk and Vezon, Reign of Shadows

"Ha, ha! Now she remembers! How things change when the metal claw's on the other foot."
— Berix, The Legend Reborn

"Wow. Nobody's ever given me anything before."
— Berix, The Legend Reborn

Favorite Characters



Perditus and the Thornatus V9




Crotesius and the Cendox V1


Toa Mata Nui


Mutran and Vican

Antroz and the Jetrax T6


Toa Ignika