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Revenge of the Skull Spiders
Series LEGO BIONICLE Chapter Books
Author Ryder Windham
Publisher Scholastic
ISBN 978-0545905909

Revenge of the Skull Spiders is a BIONICLE chapter book, the second one set in the rebooted storyline. It was written by Ryder Windham and released on December 29, 2015.


Vizuna of the Region of Jungle, while hiding behind a tree on the top, watches the Toa compete with each other on fighting the Lord of Skull Spiders and then working together to defeat him on the bridge leading to the City of the Mask Makers. As Vizuna starts going to a meeting spot where the other Protectors meet him and Vizuna will start to lead them into the city in case the Toa require their aid, three Skull Spiders attack him, but he defeats two of them. As the other one is about to pounce on him, Korgot of the Region of Earth appears and saves him from the Skull Spider. Korgot also reports that she was attacked by three Skull Spiders and defeated them, too. The other four Protectors come to meet Vizuna and Korgot while one of them, Nilkuu of the Region of Stone, comes in late because he took a wrong turn. The Protectors briefly converse about what they had been doing since we last met at the Temple of Time. Vizuna tells his comrades about the battle, and then leads them to the city, starting with the bridge. The Protectors talk about the Toa not remembering their pasts along the way. The Protectors witness the bridge being destroyed before they can get across it. Korgot deduces that Onua may have caused this by using his hammer in a fight against enemies in the city.

Vizuna resolves to have himself and his fellow Protectors take a somewhat safe rope bridge, which the other Protectors do not know about, constructed by the archaeologist Harvali from a nearby Region of Jungle village in order to enter the city. Vizuna tells his comrades about Harvali and how she went missing for over a year while he leads his fellow Protectors to the bridge. The Protectors find the bridge that leads to the city's underbelly. Vizuna, Korgot, and Izotor of the Region of Ice get across the bridge first. The three Protectors notice two Cliff Vultures along the way, but they stop worrying about them. Many Skull Spiders attack the three Protectors, but the Protectors use their Elemental Blasters to fight back. As the Spiders put great stress in the bridge to break it while Korgot wants to ask Vizuna something for a long time when the time is right, all six of the Protectors run to the other side of the bridge to survive. They fight the spiders along the way. When the Protectors reach to the underbelly, Narmoto of the Region of Fire destroy the bridge to defeat the spiders. Nilkuu complains about finding a way back, but the Protectors press on. Korgot and Vizuna still think about what Korgot wants to ask Vizuna about, but they still want to do it when the Protectors get to safe ground. Meanwhile, after the Spiders hit the ground and got dazed by it after the destruction of the bridge, they find the unconscious and injured Lord of Skull Spiders. They think about avenging their master by hunting down the Protectors and Toa, and capturing and enslaving all the islanders in Okoto. The Spiders rescue their lord by covering him in webs, and they bring him back to his lair, up in a cliff that leads to the city.

In the city's depths, Vizuna leads his fellow Protectors to a number of ancient carvings, including a set that depict the Elemental Creatures, on a cliff wall on a ledge. The Protectors are interested in it, but Kivoda of the Region of Water reminds the group to continue their journey. A strong gust of wind blows Kivoda away because of his turbines, but Izotor saves him from falling from the ledge. The Protectors get attacked by the Cliff Vultures, but they repel the vultures. When the Protectors reach a dark cave, Korgot leads the Protectors there because she has excellent eyesight in the dark. Korgot has Narmoto use one of his Flame Swords to light up the cave for the Protectors. Korgot notices a cave-in that was used by someone to seal off the passage, so she uses her Adamantine Star Drill to make a hole in the wall to allow the Protectors to get through it. Korgot and Nilkuu seal off the passage to prevent the Skull Spiders from following them and their fellow Protectors. They also discover a set of carvings that tells about the history of the Prophecy of Heroes. The cravings tell about Ekimu seeing the appearance of the Elemental Creatures as an omen during the Festival of Masks, Ekimu and the Protectors' Protector ancestors going to the Temple of Time, Ekimu foreseeing the cataclysm changing Okoto's landscape and the Toa coming to the island, Ekimu making the Golden Masks of Power, and the cataclysm occurring, Nilkuu notices more carvings that tell about the Toa finding Ekimu's body, them reviving Ekimu, and the current Protectors coming to the city and meeting him. This causes Nilkuu to optimistically predict their success, but Kivoda impatiently tells him and their fellow Protectors to continue on with their journey. The Protectors fall into and slide onto an ancient lava tube made and rigged by someone, but Narmoto saves himself and his fellow Protectors. The Protectors find Harvali trapped in the cave and hiding behind a wide stalagmite.

Harvali warns the Protectors about a giant biomechanical snake coming to get them and her. The seven encounter the snake, who is possessed by a Skull Spider and attacks them. While Nilkuu's allies are hiding in another chamber with more carvings from the snake, he uses his Sandstone Blaster to knock the spider off the snake's face, freeing it from the spider's control. The snake swats the spider away. It becomes friends with Nilkuu and reveals to be playful. The Protectors and Harvali keep each other up to date, with Harvali being delighted to hear about the Toa having come. Since Vizuna tells her that the Toa defeated the Lord of Skull Spiders, Harvali agrees to lead the Protectors to the Lord of Skull Spiders' lair in order to enter the city while wanting to preserve the chambers with the carvings. The snake offers the seven allies a ride to the lair. The seven allies accept the offer and have the snake transport them to the lair. The snake takes them to the lair with Harvali's guidance, despite Nilkuu not having practiced steering the snake. When the snake approaches a dark tunnel that leads to the lair, it stops, and the Protectors and Harvali go through the tunnel on foot while Vizuna has Korgot lead them in there. They hear a strange scraping sound and water dripping from the city's underground reservoirs along the way. When the seven allies reach the end of the tunnel, they notice over a massive amount of Skull Spiders, which are more than a thousand, gathering in the lair while helping the Lord of Skull Spiders heal. The Protectors and Harvali also find the passageway to the city, but they are concerned about the Skull Spiders blocking their way to there. The Protectors deduce that the Spiders are gathering to seek to cause war and seek revenge on the Protectors and Toa. The Protectors form a plan on how to stop the Spiders.

The Protectors fight the Skull Spiders. They use their Elemental Blasters to break the ceiling, causing water leak from it. The Protectors notice the Lord of Skull Spiders waking up and freeing himself from his servants' webs. The snake comes to the Protectors and Harvali, and they ride the snake out of the lair. Kivoda and Narmoto damages the ceiling more. When the snake gets pass the Lord of Skull Spiders, the Lord of Skull Spiders completely frees himself and goes after the snake. A group of about thirty Skull Spiders try to possess the snake and its seven passengers, but Nilkuu defeats them. The Lord of Skull Spiders catches up with the snake and is about to catch its tail when the ceiling is completely, falling on the Lord of Skull Spiders and his remaining servants, crushing them. The snake takes its passengers to the surface, to one of the city's graveyards. Harvali becomes happy to be outside of the city's underbelly. Dozens of Skull Warriors appear and attack the Protectors, Harvali, and the snake. The Protectors and the snake fight and defeat the Skull Warriors. The Protectors and Harvali, with the snake accompanying them, see a battlefield, which makes them deduce that the Toa fought and defeat another group of Skull Warriors there. They travel across the city trailing the Toa's tracks, which each them to the Tomb of Ekimu. The allies notice a number of evil creatures being crushed by a stone sculpture of Ekimu's mask and deduce that the Toa must have done this. The Protectors and Harvali go inside the tomb and deduce that Ekimu is revived and got out of his sacrophagus, much to Harvali's excitement. The Protectors, Harvali, and the snake hear sounds of explosions from the Forge of the Mask Makers, and then the Protectors go inside the Forge alone after Vizuna tells Harvali and the snake to stay put. The Protectors notice Skull Basher and Skull Grinder defeated and not wearing their masks. They then notice the Toa unconscious and not wearing their Golden Masks of Power. Ekimu appears and meets the Protectors, and the Protectors bow to him.

Ekimu mistakes the Protectors for their ancestors, but the Protectors correct him and introduce themselves. Ekimu has them help him put the Toa on his worktables. Ekimu explains what happened since he was put into sleep. Ekimu also says that he is repairing the Golden Masks. Vizuna has Harvali come to the Forge. Harvali is so happily surprised to see the Toa and Ekimu that she faints. Vizuna tells Ekimu who she is. Ekimu places the completely-repaired Golden Masks on the Toa, and then the Toa awake. Ekimu reports that he stole Skull Grinder's and Skull Basher's masks from them to make them inactive, and tells the Toa to imprison the two villains. After the Toa imprison the villains in the Forge's prison cells, Ekimu wants the city to be reclaimed by him and the islanders, despite Makuta's threat having not yet ended. Kivoda reports to Ekimu about the reservoirs being destroyed by the Protectors' fight against the Lord of Skull Spiders. Ekimu tells his allies to join him outside and wake Harvali up to have her join them. Nilkuu and Vizuna wake her up and then have her join them and their allies outside, with the snake also accompanying them. Ekimu shows his allies a rocket launcher that he created thousands of years ago, and then has Tahu and Narmoto use their Fire powers to use the rocket launcher, creating fireworks. The Toa use their Golden Masks' elemental powers to make the fireworks more visible to everyone on the island. Korgot finally asked Vizuna if he could teach her how to use his Elemental Flame Bow. Vizuna believe that all Protectors should learn how to use each other's weapons. Later, Harvali have the Protectors and the Toa build a rope bridge on the city, with Ekimu overseeing its construction. Hundreds of islanders come to the city, cheering. Ekimu reminds his allies that Makuta's threat has not yet ended. Ekimu tells Kivoda to tell the colonists to meet Ekimu and his allies in the city's main square in the evening, and he wants greater fireworks. As the Protectors greet the colonists, Ekimu thinks about Makuta and thinks about fighting him back.



  • The back cover says that after the Toa defeated the skeletal warriors, Makuta assembles an army of monsters to fight the Toa, and the Toa will have to team up with an unlikely ally to defeat Makuta and his minions. However, the description is not accurate, as the chapter book's plot is actually about the Protectors fighting the vengeful Skull Spiders and the Lord of Skull Spiders, and they team up with Harvali to get to the City of the Mask Makers to help the Toa there.
  • On Page 35, Izotor's name is misspelled as "Izotar".

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