BIONICLE 6: Into The Nest

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This article is about the 2002 LEGO Magazine comic. You may be looking for the McDonald's promotional comic.

"As long as our people are threatened, we don't have the luxury of being merely warriors."
Toa Mata Tahu

BIONICLE 6: Into The Nest
Outside/alternate title Into the Nest
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Carlos D'Anda

"Into The Nest" is the sixth comic in the BIONICLE series and the third in "The Bohrok Saga" story arc. It shipped with the May/June 2002 LEGO Magazine.

Plot Summary

As Onua is searching for Lewa, Kopaka shows Tahu the tunnel entry to the Bohrok Nests. He convinces Tahu not to charge into the nest without all the krana, despite the Toa of Fire's impulse to do so. Kopaka then tells Tahu the condition of the other Toa.

Elsewhere, Onua finds Lewa, who is forced by the krana he is wearing to harm his friend. Onua manages to persuade him to remove the krana and gives the Toa of Air his Golden Kanohi back, which he found held by a group of Lehvak Va. Onu-Matoran that came with him use Boxors to stop a Lehvak swarm that was charging the Toa. Lewa says that as a result of wearing the krana he has learned more about the swarm and that it poses a great danger to Mata Nui.

Meanwhile, Pohatu and Gali are being chased by Tahnok. Pohatu creates a wall of stone around them, while Gali brings a flood on the Tahnok.

After the Toa realize they have all the krana they need, they meet up and decide to go into the nest. Lewa then realizes that Makuta released the Bohrok. On the way down, Tahu tells Onua to watch Lewa, mistrusting the Toa of Air due to his time as part of the swarm. Meanwhile, Pohatu states that the tunnel is too smooth to have been made by Matoran or Bohrok. Simultaneously, Lewa worries if the krana still controls him somehow. Kopaka reassures him that he will not let him stop the others if Lewa tries to sabotage the mission.

Ahead of the others, Tahu explores an opening, but gets trapped in the Bohrok Nest itself as more Bohrok awaken. Up above, Lewa has a vision of the Exo-Toa. But the five Toa are unable to proceed onwards due to an unbreakable wall in the way. As Pohatu and Onua attempt to bring the wall down, lava rushes at the Toa from the behind, trapping them as well.


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