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The main eight Kanoka disk powers are opposites of each other.[1] The pairings are:

This does not apply to the elemental disks (except for perhaps Light and Shadow).

The Mask of Incomprehension, being the opposite of the Rau, is made of the opposite disks, that being Reconstitute at Random and Shrink.

Increase Weight disks, being the opposite of Levitation, are made from Freeze and Regeneration.

Slowness is not a canon mask or disk power, but it is a Kraata power, some of which are already masks. Also, just as airships use both Levitation and Increase Weight, ground vehicles use both Speed (which they already do canonically) and Slowness. Slowness would be made from Freeze and Remove Poison, the opposite of Speed.

Since disks of Flight exist canonically, then Flight Negation (used by Venom Flyers) can also exist as a disk, being the opposite of Flight.

The Arthron and Shelek can counter each other, and therefore are opposite powers. The Shelek is not the opposite of the Mask of Sonics because Silence is a Sonics based power, not a power opposite of Sonics,[4] the Shelek cannot completely counter a Toa of Sonics, only slightly hinder their abilities,[5] and as noted above, elemental disks have no opposite, so there is no opposite of Sonics.

A Mask of Fear is canonically possible, meaning a Mask of Courage is too since it is the opposite power (MNOG II).

The Mask of Creation is a Great mask, not Legendary,[6][7][8] meaning a Noble version is possible[9][10] and that it can be made from disks. The opposite power is Disintegration (MNOG II).

The Mask of Mutation is made from at least a Reconstitute at Random disk.[11][12]

The Mask of Healing is made from at least a Regeneration disk.[13]

The Mask of Intangibility works the same as Density Control,[14] which is a canonically possible mask. However, the Mask of Density Control would only be able to control density increase, not decrease, or else the Mask of Intangibility would become redundant. This would also imply the masks of Density Control and Intangibility are opposite powers, similar to how Enlarge and Shrink are opposites, except for density rather than size. As an aside, Increase Weight and Density Control are different, perhaps not fundamentally, but definitely in practical functionality. The only known application of Increase Weight is for allowing Airships to descend. Density Control, specifically increase, is used to block attacks.

Given that a Mask of Poison is canonically possible, its opposite power would be Remove Poison.[15] Both cannot infect non-living things like masks.[16][17] A mask made from a Remove Poison disk would be called the Mask of Purity because it ties into Purity being the opposite of Poison in MNOG II. Masks made from only one disk do not have to share the name of the disk, as shown by the Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel, being made from a Teleport disk. A problem then arises, as the opposite disk of Remove Poison is Reconstitute at Random, which is more mutation than poison. However, poison in some cases might cause mutation, namely Hordika Venom, but there are some inconsistencies. It is not poison because it is not fatal,[18][19][20][21] even though it is called poison several times,[22][23][24] Visorak themselves are called "poisonous scourge",[25] and poison is defined elsewhere as also just causing illness, not death.[26][27][17] The case can be made that Hordika Venom is a mutagen,[28] which Remove Poison can't cure,[27] but mutation is only physical,[29] meaning mutagens can also affect non-living things.[30][31] However, Hordika Venom cannot,[32][33][34][35] just like poison. Hordika Venom affects its target psychologically as well,[36][37][38][39] the same way Lerahk's poison affected Tahu.[40] While there are still contradictions among sources, more leads to Hordika Venom being a poison, meaning it, as well as venom from other Rahi,[41] can also be cured by Remove Poison. This would solidify Remove Poison as the opposite power of Reconstitute at Random.

Mask of Aging

The Mask of Aging is actually an inorganic Great Elda.[42]

Noble Olmak

This is a Noble Olmak.

Vehicle Avsa

Jetrax T6 Engine Thrust

The engine thrust for the Jetrax T6 is not given in canon, but provided that the Rockoh T3 has 2.5 million pounds of thrust, and the Axalara T9 has 7 million pounds, this implies the T6 engine has 4.75 million pounds of thrust. The amount of thrust of hypothetical engines such as T1, T2, T4, T5, T7, and T8 can also be found assuming a linear progression.

More so, since the amount of thrust increases with the engine number, it's possible the engines use Speed disks, with T1 using level 1 disks, T2 using level 2, and so on, maxing out with the T9 engine using a level 9 Speed disk. It's possible given that Artakha created the Great Disks (showing he's capable of creating a level 9 Speed disk) and the T9 engine.

Toa Mangai

Canonically, the Turaga of Mata Nui named several locations on the island after the Toa Mangai, namely Naho Bay and Mangai Volcano. However, there are other locations that have names, but do not have a corresponding character for which they are named. Some of these names are the rest of the Toa Mangai (except for Tuyet and Nidhiki for their betrayals).[43]

Naho wore a Kanohi Huna and wielded a warhammer.[44] She did not wear a Kakama as some suggest.[45][46][47]


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