BIONICLE 5: To Trap a Tahnok

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"Mata Nui faces perhaps its greatest challenge -- one that will test our courage, our strength, and our belief in each other. Though my powers are great, this is not a struggle for Toa alone. Every elder, every villager, is like a single stone... and together, you can build a wall so mighty that no Bohrok could ever hope to bring down!"
Toa Mata Tahu to the Ta-Matoran

BIONICLE 5: To Trap a Tahnok
Outside/alternate title Beware the Bohrok!
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Carlos D'Anda

"To Trap a Tahnok", also known by its cover text "Beware the Bohrok!", is the fifth issue of the BIONICLE series of comic books. It is the second issue in that series' 2002 story arc, "The Bohrok Saga".

Plot Summary

The Bohrok continue their mission of clearing Mata Nui as Gali, Onua, Kopaka, and Pohatu work together to set up a trap intended for the Tahnok swarm in Po-Koro, while the Bohrok are confident of their mission's imminent success. For the Toa's trap, Onua has dug a tunnel connecting the canyon to the sea. After that Kopaka froze the entrance of the tunnel to block the water. When the Tahnok come, Pohatu smashes the wall of ice with a boulder, and water flushes through the canyon, stunning the Tahnok. Gali then dives in to collect the Tahnok's krana, but soon discovers that the water is already boiling from the heat of the Tahnok.

Meanwhile, Tahu gives a motivational speech to the Ta-Matoran in Ta-Koro, telling them they can help to defeat the Bohrok by being united and strong together. Soon after, Kopaka arrives to tell Tahu that the krana the Bohrok carry are not like Kanohi, but are organic and alive. He also says that he has a very dark secret to reveal.

Elsewhere, in the canyon, Gali manages to obtain some krana from the stunned Tahnok, but the heat is draining her strength, and she tries to return to the surface. While swimming, Gali notices the remaining Tahnok have melted the rock wall, and a stone slab is falling in her direction. Pohatu decides to dive in and rescue her, thinking that she has been taking too long. But Gali suddenly emerges from the water and tells Pohatu that she managed to collect four krana. Gali points out the undaunted Tahnok climbing up the rock wall by melting handholds, so she and Pohatu levitate out of the canyon. They discuss the krana briefly, leading to Gali wondering if something has happened to Lewa, as he had left for Le-Koro days ago and nothing has been heard from him. Gali says she cannot rest until she knows where Lewa is. As they land, the two Toa encounter a swarm of Gahlok.

Meanwhile, Lewa walks in the jungles of Le-Wahi, under the influence of the krana affixed to his face.


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