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I'm just a guy who does 3D stuff. You might know me from Bzp.


I've been a fan since 2001. That's when I saw the first TV Bionicle commercial. Soon after my pc got an internet connection, and I was able to browse the vast web of pages. It wasn't long before I found I hasitated, and I've joined after BZ and KP merged.


I got into 3D at the same time as I got into Bionicle. The first piece of software I used was Truespace 3.2. That changed just recently. Almost a year ago I transfered to Truespace 7.1 and months ago to 3D Studio Max.


So far my collection of models is varied. It includes most of the Toa and Turaga we know of. I'm trying diffrent possibilites in presenting each character. My main goal is to create complex scenes, while polishing my modeling skills is actually secondary. I always had trouble with making them, as I'm sort of a perfectionist, where each part of a whole must be of the same quality. That makes working on anything bigger than a single object hard.


I'm a member of the polish Bionicle community. I joined it almost 5 years after my interest in Bionicle spawned. It's just recently that I found out a fanbase exists in my country.


I'm into games, good ones. My interest are in FPS mostly, with little spots for any genre. I'm not into MMORPG's or cRpg's.


I am a Nintendo fan. I enjoy worlds created by Miyamoto, as they serve as an asylum from the violent world of modern video gaming. I'm much into Mario and Metroid games. Less in Zelda. Even though I like to belive that I'm a 3D artist, graphics are not important to me. I've seen games like Crysis and all they got from me was a "meh". I prise the story and the gameplay mechanics mostly.


So far Valve proved itself to be the most buyer-friendly publisher and the most caring developer. Their games are made to please their fans, not to dissapoint them after months of building hype.


My music taste is non-existent. I listien to anything that has a hard tone. Mostly Power Metal and KoRn-like styles.

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