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"Vornazar Nui" is not an official name.
It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but has no official basis.

I am a Bionicle fan who lives in Oklahoma City, OK. I do not support Lego's choice of stopping the production of Bionicle sets. I'm am intelligent, but I'm only in 8th grade. If you need help with homework, please contact me(not really).

Current goal

None for I'm am frequently inactive now.

Vornazar Nui
User Status I am Icon Mysterious.png
BZPower Username Vornazar Nui
BZPower Status Emerging Ice Warrior
Location Daxia
Gender Male
Favorite Set It's Between Guurahk, Vamprah, and Gelu

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  • Strakk
  • Metus
  • Gelu


None are known at this time

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Bionicle Adventures

  1. Mysteries of Metru Nui
  2. Trial By Fire
  3. The Darkness Below
  4. Legends of Metru Nui
  5. Voyage of Fear
  6. Maze of Shadows
  7. Web of the Visorak
  8. Chalenge of the Hordika
  9. Web of Shadows

Bionicle Legends

  1. Shadows in the Sky
  2. Swamp of Secrets
  3. The Final Battle


  • The Oficial Guide to Bionicle
  • BIONICLE: Metru Nui - City of Legends
  • BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts
  • BIONICLE: Collector's Sticker Book
  • The Final Battle

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Pages I've Created

  • None. Other than the ones I made.

Major Contributions

Minor Contributions

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"Karda Nui – how to describe its glory, its wonder, its sheer beauty? How to capture the feeling one gets at the first sight of it? It isn't easy, but let me try.
It's a big cave. With a swamp in it.
Mutran's thoughts, The Mutran Chronicles

"Simple rule. First priority goes to protecting Matoran who aren't shooting Shadow at me."
Tahu, Shadows in the Sky

"Bitil, stop worrying about Icarax-he was a miserable heap of Zivon spittle and no great loss."
Krika, Swamp of Secrets

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"Vornazar Nui" will be coming soon.
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