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Pop Mhan

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"I get a LOT of satisfaction out of my job. I feel I'm particularly lucky to have a job that I love. I also feel that Bionicle especially holds true as a job I really enjoy."
— Pop Mhan, BIONICLEsector01 Interview: Pop Mhan

Pop Mhan
Pop Mhan.jpg
Job BIONICLE Comics Artist (2009-2010)
No longer affiliated with BIONICLE
Department Artist

Pop Mhanaojyakorn, better known as Pop Mhan, was the 2009-2010 BIONICLE comic artist, taking Leigh Gallagher's position as the main artist. As part of this job, he also illustrated a poster depicting Toa Mata Nui for inclusion in the September–October issue of LEGO BrickMaster magazine.

A sample of Mhan's work, showing the Karda Nui battle


Pop Mhan has worked for WildStorm Productions, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Top Cow Productions, Dark Horse, and TOKYOPOP, as well other companies, for the past ten years. He has also worked in Hasbro and in Star Wars card sketches. He initiated his work at BIONICLE with the first comic of 2009, Sands of Bara Magna. He is the last BIONICLE comic artist, as the BIONICLE sets and comics ended in the summer of 2010.

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