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Elemental Powers

These powers use the manipulation of forces in nature, first harnessed primarily by Element Lords and then Toa


These powers are facets of Elemental Powers that sometimes can be used on their own.

  • Heat - Allows the user to create, control, and absorb heat; a Fire-based power
  • Vacuum - Allows the user to create and control vacuums; an Air-based power
  • Telepathy - Allows the user to read the minds of others or to project their own thoughts; a Psionics-based power
  • Telekinesis - Allows the user to move objects with thought; a Psionics-based power


Abilities are a specific manifestation of powers, wherein users take a naturally occurring trait and use it to perform a power.

Elemental-Based Abilities

  • Nova Blast - Allows the user to release all of their Elemental Power at once in a massive, extremely destructive blast. Possessed by Toa.
  • Shadow Hand - Allows the user to release a hand of pure Shadow capable of grabbing and absorbing objects or other beings. Possessed only by the Makuta.

Other Abilities

  • Fusions - Allows the user to combine their mind and bodies with other beings. The fusion may be either formed willingly or forcibly by the beings involved.
  • Rhotuka - Allows the user to form wheels of energy that exhibit various powers; these powers vary depending on either the personality of the user in sentient beings or general species in most non-sentient Rahi.
  • Shapeshifting - Allows the user to change their appearance to another form with the same mass. Also often allows mimicry of voices.
  • Teleportation - Allows the user to teleport himself or herself to a location, possibly allowing others to be teleported as well.