BIONICLE 7: What Lurks Below

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"This island has suffered much at the hands of the Bohrok... its rivers frozen. its mountains crumbled, its jungles reduced to ruin... but by all the power that is mine, I swear -- Mata Nui shall be free!"
Toa Mata Tahu

BIONICLE 7: What Lurks Below
Outside/alternate title What Lurks Below
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Carlos D'Anda

"What Lurks Below" is the seventh issue in the BIONICLE comic series and the fourth in its "The Bohrok Saga" story arc. It was packaged with the July/August 2002 LEGO Magazine.

Plot Summary

The comic is told from Gali's point of view. She relates their situation briefly and fears their failure. Kopaka temporarily stops the oncoming lava with his Ice powers, but Pohatu and Onua are unable to bring the stone wall down. Lewa then realized that the strange wall is actually an illusion, a discovery which allows the Toa to pass through the "wall" and get away from the lava.

Tahu then blasts the Bohrok Nest apart by heating the air until the pressure destroys the nest, breaking into the room the other Toa are in. They all fall through the floor, which gives way, and use their levitation powers to land safely, as they wonder at the mysteries of the place. Below, they find niches into which the krana fit which unlock six passages, while Lewa predicts the end of the Bohrok. The Toa each take a passage where they find Exo-Toa suits, which they don.

As a group of Matoran defend Ta-Koro against a swarm of Lehvak with their Boxors and traps, the Toa continue on and face the Bahrag, who are determined to "remove" the Toa. They use the Exo-Toa's Electro-Rockets to drive the Bahrag to the center of their chamber, but this only increases the Bahrag's power to the point that their blasts have no effect. The Bahrag declare that Mata Nui shall be cleansed of anything that does not belong, to the despair of the Toa.


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