Lunchables 2

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"We have to get out of here, Matau!"
"No time!"
Toa Metru Nokama and Matau

Lunchables 2
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Randy Elliott

Lunchables 2 was the second Lunchables "Maxed Out" promotional comic.

Plot Summary

Toa Metru Matau and Nokama are walking through a Protodermis Canal in search for the Ga-Metru Great Disk. The two Toa find a Liquid Protodermis flow control wheel that has been turned off. Suddenly, a large wave of Liquid Protodermis approaches and engulfs them from behind. Nokama manages to regain control of herself, but Matau gets swept away. Nokama quickly follows, but is unsure if she can reach Matau in time.


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