Staff of Poison

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Staff of Poison
Comic Staff of Poison In Use.png
Users Lerahk
Function Poisoning objects or beings
Melee combat
Status In use

The Staff of Poison being used to poison the ground in Mask of Light

The Staffs of Poison are staffs wielded by Rahkshi Lerahk. They can be used to poison anything, so long it makes contact with the target. The poison the staffs create makes the ground turn a sickly green and cause plants to wither and die. The staffs are also used during melee combat. Like all Rahkshi staffs, the staff-heads provide propulsion as the Rahkshi flies.

Example Usage

In Mask of Light, during the Attack on Ta-Koro, a Lerahk scratched Tahu Nuva's Hau Nuva, which became contaminated.

The spearhead of a Staff of Poison in set form

Set Information

The Staff of Poison was included in the Lerahk set of 2003. It utilized three of the set's forty-five pieces.